Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: Uriah Smith Is Searching For A Unique Relationship

By: Amiya Abner
FAMU’s Finest: Uriah Smith Is Searching For A Unique Relationship

As I sat in the presence of an alluring ebony woman such as the Uriah Smith, I found to best describe her as a vivacious boss woman, but even these words are an understatement. 

Uriah is a first-year Pre-Nursing major from the city where everybody knows everybody, Lakeland, Florida. Attending her first choice HBCU, she is continuing to knock out her pre-requisite courses in hopes of getting into the nursing program. This is where she desires to pursue her goals of becoming a Neonatal Nurse.

 Because her education and career are so important to her, Uriah’s love life on the hill really hasn’t been one of her top priorities. However, this beautiful rattler has only been in two past relationships and continues to occupy herself with the things she loves which include: dancing, making videos, eating, sleeping and taking pictures of herself with her close friend @rose.shotz on Instagram.


As far as relationships go, Uriah oftentimes found issues in the past correlated with the fact that she grew up with a single mother in an only child household, she describes that: “It’s always been just me and my mom, so I was taught to be very independent.” Uriah continues to say “A lot of times a boy will try to talk to me, and I don’t want to say I don’t pay them no mind but, I’m so independent that I don’t care about a lot of things you would think a female should care about because I feel like can get it on my own. Whatever you can do I can do.”

 Born on February 7th, this Aquarius is particularly looking for a charming dark skin man with pretty teeth and an exceptionally good smelling cologne. But don’t be completely discouraged if you don’t match this description verbatim because she’s not picky. Alongside having a good personality, Uriah highly values an honest and trustworthy man.

 Most importantly, she loves someone who can be goofy right beside her, someone that has a good sense of humor and a vibe. Uriah mentions, “I don’t mind texting but I feel like we’re grown. Anything behind a phone I really don’t know what’s going on so I want you to come chill and come vibe.”


So, if you can’t bring your energy from text backs in person, then she might not be too heavily invested into getting to know you.

 Although she is not the “shooting your shot” type of girl, when she’s feeling bold, she likes to use humor to attract possible suitors. If you catch those beautiful brown eyes fixed upon yours, this is her way of letting you know she’s interested. 

Happen to see this gorgeous rattler around campus? Don’t be hesitant to express your interest in your most unique and captivating way possible.