Love & Dating | February 14th, 2023

FAMU’s Finest: Robert Tucker

By: Destiny Gaines
FAMU’s Finest: Robert Tucker

Imagine Robert Tucker II in the halls of the J-School. In an elegant suit, a vibrant tie, and sleek, rimless shades; once you get a taste of him, there’s no going back.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Tucker came to the campus of Florida A&M on a familiar mission: to make something of himself. Taking advantage of every opportunity given, Tucker has worked with many clubs and organizations on campus. Tucker even decided to become a panelist on the TEDxFamu Talk in early January of this year.

Tucker has always been a man with a plan. As some would say, Tucker, can get “weak in the knees” when talking about romance. Being a lover boy at heart, Tucker says that he was taught how to respect a woman through his father and brother.

“They taught me how to talk to women. You have to listen. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason,” said Tucker.

Small gestures like opening the door or ensuring that a woman is not walking on the edge of the sidewalk are second nature to Tucker. Understanding that generations have changed, his way of respecting women hasn’t.

Pondering over his past experiences, Robert still believes that love exists. When digging deep into a conversation about love, he emphasized that love is a verb. Love requires passion and action. Tucker feels it’s best to understand your emotions towards your significant other.

When asking Tucker about his definition of a quality first date, he says he wants it to be intimate and conversational.

“I would take my date to a four-to-five-star restaurant with live entertainment. Then drive to the closest beach and gaze into the stars while having a picnic,” Tucker said. “Finally finishing our time together and watching a movie… that’s my ideal date.”

As social media has had many positive impacts on our generation, it also has enabled negative stereotypes. Influencers create content that can mislead their mainstream audience. But luckily for you, Robert has never been one to follow. As he has grown into the man he is now, Tucker says it’s essential to keep certain traditions alive.

“It’s plain and simple: just continuously being me,” Tucker said. “Being a courteous individual helps…. things like ensuring your significant other feel loved keeps the needs of a relationship met.”

As Tucker’s final collegiate year come to a close, Robert is still in search of his queen. But for now, he will strive for the greatest in his career and himself.