Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: Pierre Alsint Is Looking For His Mrs. Right

By: Madeline Smith
FAMU’s Finest: Pierre Alsint Is Looking For His Mrs. Right

Pierre Alsint, the second-year business administration student, is an all-around great guy who is looking for his “Mrs. Right.”

Between his on-campus organizational involvement, housing court and fitness entrepreneurial endeavors, he is content in finding a catch that is also as involved as he is. Alsint is a hardworking scholar that would value a partner to accompany and elevate him.

“My intentions when looking for a girl is finding someone to build with, and somebody that can elevate me mentally. At the end of the day, your partner should be someone that elevates you,” he said. 

Romantically speaking, Alsint describes himself, in a relationship, as a passionate and intimate fellow. He values memorable experiences with his partner that will remain a special token of their relationship. He is not a guy that winces at a chase when he has his eye on someone. Not only does he put in work in the gym, but he does not mind putting in work to land a girlfriend.

“Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a chase. I like that,” he said. “Just like any animal in the African Safari, he goes out for hunts. Every hunt isn’t successful. So when you finally get a catch you appreciate it a lot more. Sometimes women just love to be chased,” he said. 

Alsint is in search of enjoyment with his partner. He values a good laugh and quality time. Because of his big personality, he desires someone that matches his energy. His priorities in a relationship fall short from looks, he values an invigorating personality.


“Personality is a big thing for me because you can be the finest thing in the room, but if you can’t hold a conversation with me it wouldn’t be interesting,” Alsint said. 

The woman with a winning personality would be treated like a queen. Due to his passionate makeup, when he finds the one, he is all in. There is no wavering interest to leave room for questioning.

“If I love somebody, I want to take care of them. You’re my queen,” Alsint said, “I don’t love just to love, I love hard. When I say I love somebody, I mean it.”

Although Alsint enjoys pampering his queen, he definitely values everything that a woman has to offer. 

“When it comes to gender roles. I wouldn’t confine anyone to a box because I wouldn’t be confined to a box,” he said. “Women have a plethora of techniques and methods that we, men, don’t, and I’m not too proud to accept that because I know there are women out there that’ll change my life, and I need that,” he said.

To the self-driven, passion-yearning, “let’s-make-memories” girl out there waiting for a “hit-up” from one of FAMU’s Finest, Pierre Alsint is waiting for you.  He is ready for a relationship filled with elevation, passion and love.