Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: Marvin Leveille is ‘Starvin’ For A Pretty Smile

By: Aiyana Ishmael | Naja Hardmon
FAMU’s Finest: Marvin Leveille is ‘Starvin’ For A Pretty Smile

From the moment he graces you with his infectious smile, it is clear to understand how “Starvin” Marvin Leveille gained his campus popularity. 

The accomplished third-year economics student has already braced the challenges of learning English, as his second language, launching his own clothing brand, accepting two leadership positions in student government, and joining organizations: Big Brother Little Brother and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity inc.— all before the age of 21. 

Now Mr. Well-Rounded is looking for Mrs. Right.

“I’ll never get into [a relationship] unless I know she’s going to be my wife.” He confessed.

A native of West Palm Beach, Florida, Marvin is the first-generation son of Haitian immigrants, a fact he takes great pride in and especially matters when checking off the traits for his Mrs. Right. 


For many men, finding a woman like their mother is the goal. For Marvin, it’s a requirement. While describing his perfect woman he listed characteristics like caring, loyal, genuine, hard-working, personable and a major emphasis on their smile. But, after trying to describe his perfect girl, he made a comment almost too charming not to include.

“Give me a second, I’m trying to think of my mom,” Leveille recounts.

As a sucker for a great smile and big, naturally curly hair, Leville only wants to take care of his future girl, all while having fun. As long as her personality is strong enough to build a connection off of, that’s all that truly matters.

“Personality is huge,” Leveille said. “Being able to sit in the car and not say a word and still have a good time, that’s something that’s a big deal [for me] as well.”

Although popular amongst his peers, Leveille’s relationships have yet to sky-rocket. “Starvin” Marvin is still fresh-faced and ready when it comes to dating. He’s never been in a relationship, ever, but agrees that it comes from a lack of inconsistency and not finding the one worthy enough to bring home.


“My friends tell me all the time you have to lower your expectations and I’m like I shouldn’t have to do that,” Leveille says. “I have no problem waiting, I have a long life to live, hopefully. But that’s not something I’m willing to do, lower my expectations just to marry somebody.”

This Libra man— who has Co—Star, but does not use it— isn’t big on astrology. He doesn’t think it’ll play a major role in who he’ll end up with.

His endearing voice alone could sweep a girl off her feet, but there also needs to be a sense of reality. He agrees that there’s definitely room for improvement on his side, but also hopes to find a woman that can be consistent and interesting. 

It takes a lot for him to make things official. (Meeting his mother is not for just anyone.

But where there’s a will, there will always be a way, and Leville stands strong in his belief that the one meant for him is still out there. 

And as a final message for his future wife, he smiled: “I can’t wait to meet you!”