Love & Dating | March 7th, 2022

FAMU’s Finest: Kendal Way Wants Reciprocal Love

By: Zion Lampley
FAMU’s Finest: Kendal Way Wants Reciprocal Love

Kendal Way, a young woman who embodies ambition, beauty and brains, is looking for a man who will elevate her to the next level. 

Hailing from the “Ville that runs the Hill,” Jacksonville, Fla., Kendal has made it her mission to partner with a man whose personality, style and demeanor is unmatched. From stylish birthday photoshoots to being initiated into the Original Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., she continues to make her presence among the student body on Florida A&M’s campus known. 

Her experiences with her search for a man comes from her mother’s nurturing past. Growing up and witnessing her mother’s unwavering love for her and her siblings transformed the 21-year-old to the woman she is today. “My mother has played a major role in how I shaped my concept of love, the way she showed her love towards my siblings and I while growing up is something I couldn’t take for granted,” she said. 

Although she admires the nurturing love of her mother, she refuses to become a rehabilitation center for broken men who expect her to re-energize and heal the wounds from previous relationships. “I expect my man to come equally healed and balanced—I’m not Bob The Builder. I will not treat my man like he is a trauma patient.”

Despite what she doesn’t want in a man, she constitutes her perfect date as her partner taking the initiative. “A perfect date would begin with a fresh manicure and pedicure, doing my makeup and going to brunch or dinner with my significant others. I also like to go on walks in the park, do something adventurous, go shopping, etc.”

“Love is something that should be unconditional, unwavering, and unparalleled”

To Kendal, her definition of love is a strong feeling, concern or affection for someone and having true compatibility with them. To some, the idea of love is undefined and complicated, but she believes that everyone deserves love. “Love is something that should be unconditional, unwavering, and unparalleled,” she said.

When love is put in the form of a person, Kendal loves a man who is sharp, clean, stylish, clean teeth and a beard is preferred but not a deal-breaker. As a junior health science student, her education and future career is important to her, but physical attributes aren’t the only thing she looks for in a preferred partner. A man who is aware of his emotions and communicates them fluidly entices her the most.

“I love when men are able to connect with me mentally and have intellectual conversations about different topics that never surface in my mind,” she said. For Kendal’s future partner, self awareness is a non-negotiable priority

One of the most common yet promising things about Kendal’s search for love is that she does not let zodiac signs affect her take on love. She admits, however, that she mainly attracts Sagitarrius and Aquarius males and finds it hard to mesh with Pieces, Gemini and Taurus males.

Kendal is looking for a partner, not someone who is trying to satisfy their urge of being in a relationship for the sake of a title. As a woman of class, she wants her man to embark on different journeys with her as well as make a difference in her life. She has a lot of love to offer and expects her future partner to do the same thing.