Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: Kamiah Milliner Is Looking For Something Real

By: A-chai'a Jackson
FAMU’s Finest: Kamiah Milliner Is Looking For Something Real

Ladies and gentlemen say hello to one of FAMU’s finest, Miss Kamiah Milliner, a 4th-year social work student from Lakeland, Florida. Gracing the campus as Miss Junior Attendant for the 2018-2019 academic year and a current Orange and Green guide, she is at the heart of FAMU. 

 Whether it be a radiant day on the quad or a turn up at Set Friday, there she is, somewhere in the crowd scanning the energies around her as she protects her own.

 With the signature curls that frame her face to her flowing rompers and sun-dresses that accentuate her melanin, every moment is a kodak moment for Kamiah to stop, pose, and give face.

 If she isn’t in the classroom to absorb knowledge, she is at home minding her business. If she isn’t at home, she is at work on the clock to mind the business that pays her. To go out, for her, means to fashion herself in an intimate setting, but with a good crowd.

 Milliner may be known for her reign, but royal wave and crown aside she enjoys intellectual conversation, goofy humor, and good energy in her space.


However, she is no stranger to nonsense and can smell it from a mile away. To know her is to understand that although she is willing to give a person the benefit of the doubt, there is a short fuse, courtesy of her Aries moon, ready to spark if tempted.

 This Polk County baddie may not be a fan of dancing but if a gentleman would like to dance his way into her life, it will cost him. He must be a man of substance, intellect, and integrity who can not only talk the talk but keep the same energy.

 The old adage says that food is the way to a man’s heart, but this notion applies to Kamiah as well. If a gentleman would like to put a smile on her face, he should prepare her favorite home-cooked meal: salmon with mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Milliner makes it clear that the man to her liking doesn’t always have to go to church, but his faith, despite what he believes in, is important to her. However, if he doesn’t believe in God, it could be a problem for her.


After escaping two toxic, abusive relationships filled with unhappiness and misfortune, Kamiah was also sure to voice that she is now indulging in a journey of self- love. She is taking the time to focus on herself before she entertains another relationship.

Prior to her commitment to self-love, it is safe to say that she could care less about friendship before establishing a relationship, but with her newfound wisdom, she values friendship before romance.

 Only time will tell whether some lucky man will approach Milliner to be her prince charming, but if he doesn’t, she is not opposed to approaching him. She believes it is a two-way street in this game of spades to ultimately find her match. Either way, Kamiah Milliner is more than ready to attract love someday.