Campus Life | February 14th, 2021

FAMU’s Finest: Kaleb Levarity is in Search For Miss Independent

By: Kailyn Rhone
FAMU’s Finest: Kaleb Levarity is in Search For Miss Independent

From the moment he steps foot in any room, his aura and infectious laugh sparks an undeniable magnetism to his joyful and comforting spirit. Kaleb Levarity, a third-year accounting scholar, is known for sporting his charm, wit and style effortlessly throughout Florida A&M University’s campus, and he is looking for his first and hopefully his last soulmate.

This God-loving man is a natural-born charmer with his inviting smile and has ambitions of being an entrepreneur in the accounting field — aspiring to provide for his community back home in The Bahamas — and hopefully finding the one God destined for him.

“What makes a woman beautiful to me is when she is smart, independent, humorous, honest, keeps herself well, knows how to have fun, and does whatever she wants to without caring about what others may think,” Levarity said.

Among his multitude of campus involvement — resident assistant, member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, Inc., and Mr. 1908, to name a few — he is ready to find a companion who is as confident and independent as he is. Power runs diligently through Levarity’s veins, so he admires a God-fearing woman who inspires him to be and do better at his craft and self-being.

Although his schedule may be busy from time to time, he is ready to adjust for the right woman who is willing to do the same for him.

“My dream woman is one, like I said, who is caring. Someone that is secure within themselves because I know I have such a busy schedule,” he said. ”I want them to be able to know that no matter what, even though I’m busy throughout the whole day. Kaleb is always going to be there, especially if you need him.”

In pursuit of finding his match, Levarity describes himself as a humorous yet romantic partner in a relationship. He values effective communication and unforgettable adventures that will keep the spark alive in the relationship. He is not the guy to pursue a relationship before being friends. Although he is a natural charmer, he prefers a relationship to stem from being friends first to help form the foundation of a stronger and more trustworthy connection.

“I definitely feel like I always go the extra mile for the person that I love. Like whatever it is that you want, I’m going to try to attain it. If you are trying to go on a trip, let’s go. If you are trying to go on a picnic, let’s go. I always try to do as much as I can the best that I can so we can work out,” he said.

The key to this Bahamian man’s heart is a good time with some good food and music. Although you may not beat his mother’s fine Caribbean cooking or his rhythmic, soulful voice, if you are merely close to it, you will capture the heart of this Virgo man.

Levarity fancies a Black queen who already knows she is royalty without him saying so. To embark in his kingdom, he wants a woman who comes with the full package of independence, beauty within and without, and what she has to offer.

Ladies who seek to capture the heart of Levarity must know that he doesn’t want someone with malicious intent as that is a major deal breaker for him. Levarity is all about living life through smiling and appreciation of being alive, and he wants his future soulmate to feel the same way.

“Smile, have fun, be happy you’re alive. It’s no reason for you to be rude. I want someone who is willing to do whatever for me like I am willing to do whatever for them by all means,” Levarity said.

For the woman who is god-fearing, selfless, independent, look no further as Kaleb Levarity is the man to beat and the best man there is to be for you.