Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: Jordan Sheppard Wants Originality In A Relationship

By: Vince Jones
FAMU’s Finest: Jordan Sheppard Wants Originality In A Relationship

Here at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, it is a staple to join organizations that allow you to network and expand socially so that one day you will be able to have people to depend on in the workplace or even make friends that will stand the test of time. Students try to get familiar with a variety of different organizations as it may help them find their niche on campus.

 Jordan Sheppard is a graduating senior from Miami, Florida majoring in broadcast journalism. Sheppard is no stranger to campus involvements as he currently is in five organizations including Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated and the Marching 100.

 “As soon as I got to FAMU I decided to push myself to join something every semester,” Sheppard said. “With everything I do, I put the utmost effort and passion into it.”

 Sheppards greatest challenge came from being involved and actually finding time to manage the multiple organizations, his studies, health and overall well-being. As he continued to learn and grow, Sheppard was able to find that balance and successfully be involved in everything he wanted.


“It was very stressful and it honestly put me in a dark place,” Sheppard said. “Mental health is very important especially to us as African Americans and with that knowledge I would like to say that I have overcome.”

In terms of a relationship, Sheppard has not been in one before and is new to the dating scene, but is very meticulous about what he wants in a partner. Sheppard insists that communication is key and it could make the difference in how serious he plans on taking somebody.

 “I do not like when someone is being inconsiderate of someone elses time whether that be intentional or not,” Sheppard said. “Time management and communication are two things that I take very seriously in my life; it is one of those intimate things when you know you can talk to someone and not worry about how long and I really appreciate it.”

 Sheppard is more likely to be fond of someone who is original and has their own sense of style similar to how he does. Sheppard looks for this authenticity in music taste and fashion as well as what he wants in his significant other. He hopes they’ll also walk with confidence and acknowledge that they are different and embrace the beauty in it.

“FAMU has a lot of people who I recognize as clones and I don’t like being like anybody else because I am my own person,” Sheppard said. “A lot of people personify or portray the same personality and I am more drawn to someone who stands out in their own way, I love versatility in the way someone dresses or in how they conduct themselves.”

 Sheppard wants to be someone that is known for being a leader in the sense of walking his own journey and not letting other people’s opinions hinder him along the way.

 “I  aspire to be a better man by being the greatest me possible,” Sheppard said. “ I used to follow the path of others and I want people to understand that you are able to live your own life by making your own decisions.”