Love & Dating | March 1st, 2022

FAMU’s Finest: Jordan Camille is Ready for Steady Love

By: Vanessa Laurent
FAMU’s Finest: Jordan Camille is Ready for Steady Love

Possessing a contagious smile and intoxicating beauty, transfer student Jordan Camille made it to “the Hill” last semester. Although her main focus revolves around academia and her growing hair business, she is ready to grow in a relationship.

The 20-year old Atlanta native is recognized around Florida A&M University’s campus for being an active student and her successful business “JCmille” where she sets trends through her neat braids and distinctive hairstyles. Camille, a third-year Psychology student is full of life, but she also understands that fairytales don’t start with happily ever after. She realizes that sometimes you have to struggle to find the companion that you’re looking for.

The extremely loyal Taurus woman is looking for a partner she’s compatible with to grow a “steady kind of love.” Someone who values their personal hygiene and has a natural charisma is something that will always catch her eye.

Photo courtesy Mia Uzzell

“My turn-ons are good hygiene, nice teeth, a partner who can make me laugh and most importantly someone willing to communicate their feelings because sometimes I tend to overthink and I need to know what’s going on,” said Camille. “If not then I will make up every assumption in the book there is.”

Camille is constantly on a mission to grow her brand with over 50 thousand views on her youtube channel and a social media presence that is unmatched. However, oftentimes Camille longs to have a partner by her side to share her accomplishments with.  

“My definition of love is someone who makes me one hundred percent comfortable”

In a relationship, Camille is looking for someone that she can learn from. She is in search of that special someone who is truly worth her time and most importantly has their attention, energy or concern on what is truly important. 

“My definition of love is someone who makes me one hundred percent comfortable,” said Camille. “Being with someone who brings out the best in me and is willing to accept the flaws that come with me. In a partner, I prefer someone calm, patient and understanding of boundaries.”

She constantly yearns for adventure and desires to experience new things and explore the world. In tune with her senses, she appreciates beautiful sights and admittedly likes a good aesthetically appealing moment. 

“My ideal date night would take place during Christmas time,” said Camille. I want us to go and view the bright Christmas lights together where we can feel the vibe and feed off of each other’s energy. For me friendly competition is always good, so going to the arcade or amusement park is important because it sets the tone for our relationship. It automatically lets me know that we are down for a good time.”

For those who dare to approach her, being genuine from the start will take you far. 

Photo courtesy Mia Uzzell

“Feeling like I am tied down, and making me feel as if I have to run everything by my partner is something that makes me feel uneasy,” said Camille. 

More than anything, Camille loves a man who strives to be the best man he can be each and every day. 

“I love a man who has goals because it’s very important to ensure that you have some direction in your life. A man who is not afraid to push himself and take chances in life in order to achieve greatness,” said Camille. 

As a woman who strives to be emotionally sound, she inspires others by her perseverance during tough times. She believes that her past experiences have molded her to be a better woman for her next relationship. 

“What I’ve learned from my past relationships is to have patience. If I want someone to be patient with me and give me the space to make mistakes and grow, it’s only right I do the same. To, also take the time to wholeheartedly understand my partner in order for me to know why he handles things the way he does,” said Camille. 

It is clear that she is the epitome of a powerful woman who knows what she deserves. She is the true definition of FAMU’s Finest and is ready for a steady love.