Love & Dating | February 14th, 2023

FAMU’s Finest: Jazmin Mackey

By: Summer Laird
FAMU’s Finest: Jazmin Mackey

With a bubbly, outgoing, ambitious, fun-loving spirit with a lot of love to give, Jazmin Mackey checks all boxes for a perfect partner!

Mackey is a fourth-year Public Relations student from Las Vegas. She is heavily involved on campus, a part of Jewels Incorporated, NAACP, FABJ, and Journey Magazine. After graduation, she plans to work in PR in the entertainment and sports industry. 

Mackey also owns a makeup business (@facesbyjazzzz) and plans to jump into the real estate business, opening Airbnb and rental properties in the future.

She was an All-American playing volleyball, golf, soccer, and softball, acting in plays and musicals, and traveling for choir. So don’t let this girly persona fool you because she isn’t afraid to go out and be adventurous.

Mackey enjoys fashion, making tik-toks, trying new restaurants, and binge-watching TV shows. She also enjoys riding with her windows down, blasting Drake or Gunna. Her favorite food is seafood and street tacos. Nerd gummy clusters and Ferrero Rochers also hold a special place in her heart.

Her parents have a significant impact on how she views love. “Watching their marriage gave me an understanding of a healthy relationship and how to overcome challenges within it,” said Mackey. “Love to me is knowing someone who respects and adores you is always there, ready to comfort and support you in this crazy thing called life.”

Mackey is looking for a love that doesn’t ever have to be questioned, one with respect, trust, and spontaneous outings. “I’m very spontaneous and am quick to say “let’s go to the beach” and pack up a lunch,” said Mackey. 

Her idea of a perfect date is an activity where there is some competition, where they can joke around and have deep, meaningful conversations to get to know one another. “But I’d never say no to some crafty crab,” said Mackey.

When finding her perfect man, she goes for how attentive they are and how they make her feel. However, most importantly, she wants a best friend. “I think friendship is the foundation for most successful relationships,” said Mackey. 

However, occasionally, she needs a little personal time. “I need my peace and quiet time to get things in order and ensure I’m on the right track,” said Mackey. “But they can hang out with me and do work if they want!”

Needless to say, this beautiful, ambitious woman is ready for love. “But overall, I bring my heart. I love hard and will be there for them no matter what.”