Love & Dating | February 14th, 2023

FAMU’s Finest: Jacquell Wells

By: Cordell Jones
FAMU’s Finest: Jacquell Wells

From being featured in Teen Vogue to running her businesses, third-year criminal justice scholar Jacquell Lewis is no stranger to the spotlight. However, when it comes to a potential partner, she knows who the light should shine on.

The 22-year-old Tallahassee native always strives for beauty and excellence in everything she does. Though she happens to be shy, she values someone outgoing, caring, and trustworthy.

Additionally, she loves maturity and someone hard-working regarding her potential partner. Knowing how many things she juggles, these things need to balance for a possible relationship.

As a hard worker, she is the CEO of her brand Bad Gall, a collection of clothing and cosmetics. As Wells values fashion, it is something that she hopes her partner is also knowledgeable about.

Because she is known to be a beauty, being featured in Teen Vogue’s “41 Best FAMU Homecoming Looks from 2022”, it would only make sense that her partner is a good dresser.

“When it comes to my partner, I look at how well they can dress and how well they can put different pieces together,” said Wells.

It is obvious from her aesthetic that she wants her partner to value how they present themselves. Jacquell always takes a chance to throw a fit, and style is something that not only she loves and hopes her partner can do to a large extent.

“Fashion is super important to me, and how you present yourself is also super important to me.”

With every fit Jacquell pulls, there’s considerable attention to detail. Everything plays an integral part in the look, from the shoes to the hair. Her experiences fuel her current wants and needs outside of her looks.

As every relationship brings opportunities to grow and change, she reflects on what her last relationship taught her. Jacquell has learned how to approach her new relationships and looks at them in a new light.

“I learned from my last relationship to let go and, most importantly, forgive,” said Wells.

This lesson, amongst other lessons life, has taught her, helped inform who she is and what she looks for in someone.

As Wells is trustworthy, honest, and respectful, she always looks for the same in her future partners.

Jacquell is hopeful for someone that can match her fly and her growth. With time, the perfect fit will come along (preferably rocking the perfect fit).