| March 8th, 2022

FAMU’s Finest: Israel ‘Bronson’ Jones Seeking New Heights

By: Micah Barkley
FAMU’s Finest: Israel ‘Bronson’ Jones Seeking New Heights

Raised in Gainesville, Fla., Israel Jones is a 6’1 senior ready to love hard.

Bronson, as friends usually call him, is a music enthusiast who enjoys neo-soul and rap, so much so that he is an artist himself. Having two albums out, 2.5k streams, and listeners in 23 countries, you could say that Bronson’s talent is definitely going to take him far. Most recently, he’s been signed to a label.

 Alongside being an artist, he is a tutor, partakes in boxing, writes and performs poetry, and even takes time to indulge in watching shows such as Euphoria, The Boondocks, and Snowfall. He is also in touch with his astrological side, which for those wondering is a Pisces sun, Libra moon, and a Leo rising.

When it comes to green flags in a man, the list goes on and on for Bronson. “I’m pretty considerate. I’m emotionally intelligent, sensitive and empathetic,” he says, noting that he is also good at setting boundaries. He knows how to have fun without being too clingy while focusing heavily on communication in a relationship. “I’m at a point in my life where I can’t teach somebody how to communicate… I can teach you how I like to be talked to, but I can’t teach you how to literally communicate your feelings”

He’s also quite the romantic when it comes to date nights. Bronson describes his ideal date as starting the day with his significant other by listening to music and getting fly together, going to the park to have a relaxing picnic, then amping up the evening by going to an arcade together and ending the night with dinner. “I like having multiple locations for dates. It kinda just depends on the mood.”

When it comes to looking for a significant other, Bronson is far from picky. “As long as you Black” is the only physical requirement coming from him, so being his girl is more focused on inward looks. Since he is the master of music himself, he’s looking for someone with a great music taste just like him, but also a person who is emotionally intelligent. Bronson says, “It’s pretty hard for people our age to actually be able to say you’re sorry for hurting somebody’s feelings or understanding why you hurt somebody’s feelings.”


He is also a stickler about being with someone who isn’t mean.  “Like being mean to other people is a big thing because if you treat other people like that how will you talk about me when I’m not there,” he adds. And of course, someone with bad music taste is dealbreaker. “It doesn’t have to be the same music that I like, but as long as you can turn something on and I’m like, ‘This is nice, that’s cool.’”

In regards to his perception of love, there are two experiences from his past that have shaped it. “ My parents are high school sweethearts. They have been together for like 20 plus years, so like I have always had that mystical fantasy of finding my person, that’s always in the back of my brain.” His relationship in his freshman year of college also shaped his view of love, teaching him about co-dependence. “When we both have boundaries, we love each other, we can argue and have discussions about it, and [ there is] trust.”

Getting to know Israel Jones is something everyone should be interested in doing, whether you’re just looking for a friend, or if you’re looking for another part to yourself. His amazing talents along with his effortless charm are only the surface level of being in a relationship with him. “We gon’ have fun and you’re gonna feel loved, fo sho” is Bronson’s disclaimer to all of his future pursuits.