Love & Dating | February 14th, 2023

FAMU’s Finest: Isaiah Lysse

By: Kalei Nash
FAMU’s Finest: Isaiah Lysse

Possessing an outgoing and adventurous spirit, to know Isaiah Lysse is to admire him. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Lysse is a second-year biology pre-dental scholar who focuses on his career goals. However, he is committed to making the most of his college experience while on his HBCU campus.

Since his arrival, Isaiah has joined organizations such as Golden Hour Acapella, Student Government, and FACES Modeling Troupe. He also serves on our royal court as an advisor and is the current Mr. Alpha Kappa Alpha for the academic school year.

Regarding a potential partner, Isaiah is settling for nothing short of authentic and genuine. Breaking away from the societal concepts of what a typical college relationship looks like, he expresses the level of balance that he feels is needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

He wants them to understand what it means to have a demanding schedule. Nonetheless, he still recognizes that thin line between proper communication and the right amount of quality time.

“I feel like a lot of people have the mindset that we’re in college, so whoever we’re talking to is just for the moment because we’re young,” said Lysse. “I’m extremely mature when it comes to love, and I don’t really like to play with people’s time.”

Known for his unique style and love for fashion, this trendsetter would love to find someone who can match his fly. His hobbies include shopping, journaling, running, and exploring nature. When it comes to an ideal date, there is no limit to the number of things this bachelor is willing to try. He enjoys movies, escape rooms, trying new foods, spending time at the beach, and even helicopter rides.

“I’m extremely adventurous, and I look for infatuation and excitement,” Lysse said. “I need something different to set everything apart from everyone else.”

This bachelor is a fire sign, with a big personality and natural-born talent to lead. When it comes to the expectations of his future partner, he is in search of someone loyal, honest, and like-minded in the sense that both of their long-term goals are to be successful.

“I like people with aspirations in life, I want to be rich and successful. I’m looking for someone who also wants to be successful, so we can lean on each other,” said Lysse.

Isaiah’s perception of love has a lot to do with the influence his parents and their relationship have had on his life. Using them as an example and a reminder that true love exists and is worth waiting for if it’s the right person.

“My mom and dad have been together since high school, and they’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. However, they found a way to make it through it,” said Lysse. “I’m not looking for anyone perfect because, at the end of the day, none of us are.”

While he continues searching for his special someone, he remains loyal to himself and his morals.