Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: Get on The Roller Coaster of Love With Nia Wromas

By: Branielle Edmonds
FAMU’s Finest: Get on The Roller Coaster of Love With Nia Wromas

The bright smile and bubbly personality you may see on social media is the exact same person you’ll get to know through this story. Nia Wromas, Miami native  stands 5’5 and has a soft, but infectious voice. 

She describes herself in a multitude of words, but the first thing that came to mind is snappy.

You didn’t read that incorrectly, snappy is the descriptor but don’t be alarmed. Nia Wromas is caring and passionate when it comes to people that she cares about. 

“I’m sweet, caring but I can also be snappy once you get to know me only to like my good friends just because I care so much about them it’s coming from a loving spot,” Wromas said.  

She is also a huge sports fanatic. Her favorite sports teams range from college Florida State football and Miami Heat basketball. 


Although Wromas is extremely impassioned, she fears that possible suitors won’t like her or see the value in her. 

“I just think I haven’t found the right person for me, it’s really hard to find someone to mesh with because they’re either polar opposites or they don’t want to be with me,” Wromas said. 

Incredibly light-hearted and funny, Wromas has had her share of laughs from the past with her previously toxic relationship that effected her greatly. “It was my first relationship, I took a very long break for myself because it really traumatized me but I am now living my life.”

What she looks for in a man is someone who has to level up to her first love and biggest male role model— her Father. 

“I’d look for someone with a great personality, someone super funny,” Wromas says. “The biggest male role model in my life is my father so I tend to like guys who are similar to my dad’s personality.  Someone funny, outgoing, caring.”  


Although she tries not to base relationships off of horoscopes, being a Libra she vows to never date an Aquarius or Pisces. 

Her ideal signs that she would date are Gemini, Scorpio’s, Capricorns and Cancers. 

Love is universal, but everyone has their own language. Nia identifies with Acts of Service. 

“Even though I’m not the type of person that loves to receive things, the smallest things count. I feel like you’re actually listening to me. It doesn’t even have to be a purse for me. It can be a Happy Meal from Mcdonalds, even though I don’t eat Mcdonalds!” 

The perfect way to woo Miss Wromas is through genuine conversation and buying her a drink! 

“Small compliments, talk to me first. I can tell you what I don’t like when guys come up to me and they say ‘Oh your butt looks nice’, First of all, I don’t have one so I know you’re just trying to say something!”

Music is also big to her, right now her favorite artists are Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker, SZA, Flume, Griz, Partynextdoor. When she is in the mood to turn up she tunes into Gunna, Da Baby, and Stunna 4 Vegas.  

Nia Wromas is your ideal bachelorette if you are looking for a fun roller coaster of love.