Campus Life | February 27th, 2021

FAMU’s Finest: Elijah Williamson Wants an Organic Love

By: A-Chai’A Jackson
FAMU’s Finest: Elijah Williamson Wants an Organic Love

When he walks into a room, he does not seek or demand attention but you will feel his magnetic presence in the air.

The ingredient to Elijah Williamson’s recipe for love is genuine character, realism and endless adventure. You have got to match this energy or you will simply miss out on a signature recipe.

Williamson’s mission in life is to give someone a reason to smile again. The 21-year-old is not expecting anything materialistic in return, nothing other than a ride or die, a real friend and a willing heart.

In order to captivate his attention, personality has to match the looks.  The exterior is temporary but an intelligent mind is everlasting and is worth pursuing.

A natural, unforced and welcoming connection is the indicator of something real for Elijah and he is not ashamed to tell it like it is. For him, it is a disservice to disguise how he truly feels.

“I know when somebody is for me when there is a natural connection and we can spend time together and time just flies,” Williamson said. Finishing each other’s sentences and bouncing off each other’s ideas is what he enjoys most.

“Being able to chill and talk to that person without having to think about what they are going to say is intriguing so, if I know someone is for me it won’t be forced,” said Williamson.

One of his pet peeves is when someone insults his intelligence and takes his acts of chivalry for granted.

It causes him to hold up a wall to guard his heart as a defense mechanism and consequently, it will not be an easy feat to scale that wall.

He is attracted to women who are secure with themselves and are confident in the love and loyalty he has to offer. Sure, he wants to be the person to shower them with compliments but the person he is with should not have to seek validation from anyone.

He prides himself in the words of wisdom from his parents as he encourages himself  to never settle for less than he deserves.  As a man of optimism, Williamson believes in love at first sight while conscious that this phenomena is rare.

“I do believe in love at first but it does not happen often and it’s rare because everybody is not for you,” Williamson said.

His faith in Christ is the foundation of who he is as a preacher’s kid so he values a woman who is in tune with her spiritual being. A couple that prays together stays together, because prayer to Elijah is the anchor to something everlasting.

As a man who loves to throw down in the kitchen, the key to his heart is a home-cooked meal. If she cannot cook he rather she leaves it up to him to play chef boyardee.

Williamson is willing to unlock his wheel of fortune under his terms and conditions but in the meantime, personal development is the first priority until God sends his lover.