Love & Dating | February 14th, 2023

FAMU’s Finest: Eddie Ransom

By: Nina Shortt
FAMU’s Finest: Eddie Ransom

Eddie Ransom, a fourth-year supply chain manager scholar from West Palm Beach, Florida, is a tranquil and passionate man, ready for his path to emerge with another. Ransom is a career-driven entrepreneur who focuses on what is important to him.

Ransom created a brand called “RE-AS-SUR-ANCE” to raise awareness among individuals suffering from daily mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, breakups, and more.

“An aspiration I have to continue standing on my platform of advocating for black men’s health. I started this brand to help the African American community’s mental health,” said Ransom. “Since we tend to push this aside, I wanted to highlight it.” As he works towards breaking the mental health stigma within the black community, he continues to be his authentic self and hopes to find a partner that will allow him to be who he is.

The song, Tonight (Best You Ever Had) by John Legend expresses who he is as a lover and how he perceives love.

“Love is caring for each other in any way, shape, or form,” said Ransom. “It doesn’t have to be just a partner aspect, but also as friends or just family members. Giving your all to someone Without any doubts.”
Ransom’s comforting nature touches those around him. Those who know him say his aura is calm and welcoming for anyone who comes forth. Ransom describes himself as someone that puts his all into everything. Ransom needs to build a foundation within his relationships.

“Being friends with my partner is something I value,” said Ransom. “A partner I can be loving with, adapt with, be vulnerable with, and share the aspect of being humorous with. Then we can start the loving aspect.”

The West Palm Beach native is open to someone being an inspiration in his life. However, a lack of communication skills is a dealbreaker for Ransom.

“I hate feeling like I can’t express myself or open up to you. I don’t want to feel suffocated because I’ll feel judged. So basically, if you try to tame me, it’s not going to work because I’m a free spirit,” Ransom said.

The free spirit is emerged not only in business but in fashion as well. He is a part of the modeling troupe FACES. The clothes he wears and the partner he chooses will not confine him. The perfect date for him would be a nice relaxing canvas painting date on the beach with a rooftop dinner after. Ransom is a charismatic, spiritual person ready for his love life to soar to new heights. His heart and actions speak louder than his words.