Love & Dating | March 7th, 2022

FAMU’s Finest: Competing For Iman Baker’s Love

By: Micah Barkley
FAMU’s Finest: Competing For Iman Baker’s Love

Having a competitive spirit may not be a trait held by many, but you’re definitely going to want to compete in getting to know Iman Baker.

Growing up, her childhood was very fun for her. “ I was always outside. I played a lot of sports.” The pre-physical therapy scholar says the competitive atmosphere of sports led her to become the strong-willed person she is today.

When describing herself, she says being Cancer in the astrological world carries nothing but green flags. “I’m very loving, compassionate, caring, very goal-driven, and I love to laugh,” she says. “I’m trustworthy, loyal, and I present myself nicely.”

Most importantly when it comes to a significant other, she’s big on loyalty, trust and having a partner that has the same motivation towards life as she does.

“If you can’t communicate, there’s literally no point because I want you to be able to communicate your feelings the same way I can communicate mine.” She feels as though the relationship isn’t wholistic and is pointless if the two involved aren’t on the same playing field.

She wants something concise and straight to the point in a relationship, so getting to know Iman through a “talking stage” is something she rather stray from. “I feel like a ‘talking stage’ is more of a situationship and a situationship can become very toxic. It can really cause problems and jealousy.”

“I don’t really have a type,” the Tallahassee native explains. “ I don’t think physical characteristics really matter. But, I would want you to be attractive to me, so a little bit of height, somebody that’s clean-cut, that looks like they take care of themselves.”

Spending quality time with this go-getter is essential! Iman enjoys having genuine fun with her significant other, which includes being active. “I’m big on ‘Let’s do something.'” For a perfect date, a day trip including brunch and beach would be ideal with Iman.

When asked what has shaped her perception of love, Iman recalls the love displayed by her parents. “My parents have been together for like 22 years. I’ve never seen them argue, any of that. It’s just like they’ve been in love since they started dating and it’s really enlightening to see.”

Iman’s beautiful looks are nothing compared to her gorgeous spirit that shines through any situation. She’s a loving, kind-hearted extrovert that wants nothing more than to give her significant as much of her as she can. Knowing that this generation can be cold-hearted to love doesn’t stop Iman from trying, just reminiscing on her parents’ love gives her the right amount of ambition. “Sometimes it feels like dang, I’ll never find love, but when I look at them I have hope.”