Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: Christin Lewis Wants A Faith Filled Relationship

By: Akilah Winters
FAMU’s Finest: Christin Lewis Wants A Faith Filled Relationship

In an interview with a woman of style and faith, a family-oriented and God-fearing individual appeared throughout. 

Christin Lewis, a second year Healthcare Management student from Orlando, Florida, expects nothing more in a man than for him to be of God.

Lewis is best known for her bubbly and loving personality as well as her stylish instagram posts.

She receives her style inspiration from Instagram posts in her explore page. Her posts are full of beauty looks and clothing styles that help inspire her everyday looks.

“Honestly I rarely get upset, I rarely get mad or angry or sad…they always see the bubbly side of me, I can talk to anybody, I can get in front of a crowd and speak…I feel like that’s what  makes me a unique individual,” Lewis said.

Outside of her style inspo, her daily inspiration is her mom. She admires her mom’s work ethic and selflessness. She aspires to be like her and admires all that her mom does for her family.


“I look up to my mom, she is everything I want to be…I admire her work ethic because she literally does not stop working…she puts me, my brother, and her husband first…I want people to know that you can count on me for just about anything…I want to strive to be like her,” she said. 

Being a pastor’s kid can be tough sometimes, but Lewis appreciates it now that she is older. She also appreciates the way her parents raised her.

“I come from a super strong and grounded foundation…my dad and mom are pastors, and I have to realize that whatever I do on the internet and whatever I do out in public I have to realize I also have a family back at home,” Christin said. 

Christin says for a long time she loathed being a Pastor’s kid, affectionately known as a PK, because she felt like it was restrictive on her life. Now that she is of age, she has grown to love it and doesn’t doubt it.

Lewis is an extremely family-oriented woman who cherishes how much her family means to her. She keeps in contact with them while away in college.

“I talk to my family every single day…the day I lose anyone in my family, I would lose my mind, they mean everything to me..”

Lewis looks for a man who is God-loving, who can be a great communicator, who she can trust, and who is not selfish. She will accept those that God puts in her path. 

“I’ve learned that my type is not for me,” Lewis said. “Through the years my perfect man would be dark skin, taller than me, nice skin, athletic…but now, I’m at a point in my life where I’ve developed my own relationship with God, whatever He sends my way is what is for me.”

Lewis hopes to have a small intimate wedding and spend more money on her honeymoon. She hopes to go to a place like Bora Bora for her honeymoon.