Love & Dating | March 1st, 2022

FAMU’s Finest: Chazriq Clarke Is Seeking A Flame

By: Khedgen Willis
FAMU’s Finest: Chazriq Clarke Is Seeking A Flame

Chazriq Chevaughn Clarke is an exuberant guy with a one of a kind personality who is looking for his perfect match.

As a man of many talents, Clarke has made his presence on campus known. From being a member of Collegiate 100 and performing with FAMU Connection to serving as King Of Orange & Green on the Royal Court, Clarke has definitely left an imprint on many organizations. While his academic and extracurricular life has been filled with excitement and fun, his love life hasn’t been as dazzling as some would think.

“… love is something that is beautiful at the end”

The senior business administration and theatre student feels his love life is struggling. “I actually haven’t had a boyfriend at all since being at FAMU. I have had short-lived moments, but I havent had the whole sha-bang,” says Clarke. Even though he has very little experience in the dating realm, he describes love to be everything. “I think love is kind, love is big, love is authentic, love has its ups and downs, love is something that is beautiful at the end.”

As a member of the LGBTQ community he, along with others, finds it very hard dating at an HBCU. With some struggling to live in their truth and identity issues, he urges others around him to be themselves. “I would say be yourself when looking for a relationship, because you should never sacrifice who you are and what you stand for another person,” said Clarke.

Photo courtesy Mia Uzzell

Being on his own in college made Clarke truly understand his sexuality and what he took interest in. After encountering a toxic and unfulfilling connection with a guy for the first time, he took a step back and analyzed what he wanted out of a relationship and how he wanted to be treated. “ I based a lot of men off of him, and that first situation defined a lot of my current love life,” said Clarke.

Clarke’s ideal date night would include an evening full of surprises. “For the first date I would love to be asked out—you ask me if I’m free in advance—after that you can tell me to be ready at a specific time with a certain dress code to wear, and everything’s a surprise,” said clarke. With a taurus moon, he enjoys feeling comfortable and secure emotionally. Lunar taurens also enjoy tangibility, which goes hand in hand with Clarke’s need for physical touch and acts of service. 

Photo courtesy Mia Uzzell

“After that we could hangout and get to know each other, spending time together helps us understand one another as individuals, but I would take over for the second date to show you how it’s really done,” said Clarke.

If you are sweet, able to take charge and stand by your word, you are closely aligned with the 21-year-olds preferences. While these are his green flags, he does have a few red flags that could ruin potential chances. “If you aren’t understanding and mean, I can’t stand that, and if you are a liar and not showing up as your authentic self,” said Clarke.

“If someone was fortunate to be in a relationship with me they would have everything they deserve”

The Ft. Lauderdale native feels as if he has a lot to offer. “ I have a very charismatic and bubbly personality, and I do have my moments of being intellectual and engaging. I feel that I offer a promising future. If someone was fortunate to be in a relationship with me they would have everything they deserve.” said clarke. “I feel that God has created me in a way that all the ideas and knowledge he has put into my head shows me that I will be successful and wealthy….they will have moments of me being a lot, but in the end it is all worth it.”

Clarke is an optimistic and spiritual person who is ready to take on new opportunities in his love life. While he does have a few qualifications potential partners would have to meet, effort and attentiveness are a good way to start off on the right foot in his book.