Campus Life | February 14th, 2021

FAMU’s Finest: Carrington Whigham is Looking For an Organic Connection

By: Akilah Winters
FAMU’s Finest: Carrington Whigham is Looking For an Organic Connection

Known for her bubbly, outgoing personality and her involvement on campus, Carrington Whigham, current SGA Vice President, shares what her ideal partner looks like in her world.

Whigham is seeking an honest and caring partner who knows how to dress. 

The third-year broadcast journalism says, “…someone who cares about their physical appearance, someone who is trustworthy, honest, loyal, loving, someone who is not afraid to show emotion and someone who is a great communicator.”

But that’s not all, Madame SGA Vice President speaks on how communication is key if you want a relationship with her.

“If you are a bad communicator..we might not work,” said Whigham. “All of that time we are spending being mad, holding grudges, being petty, and not communicating takes away time from what we could be building and growing together.”

Whigham describes her version of a healthy relationship as an organic connection with her partner.

“It does not feel forced; it does not make me lose my peace or my sleep…it just feels natural and we are happy,” said Whigham. “Be with someone you are genuinely a match for; I am so big on that.”

She has gained the idea of the type of relationship she wants from observing how her parents and others treat their spouse or significant other.

“I observe from people around me…from my parents and their friends’ relationships, what works for them and what doesn’t work for them,” said Whigham. “That shapes my view on how someone should be treated and how relationships should just flow naturally.”

She also believes in the idea of “love at first conversation” instead of love at first sight.

“I believe in love at conversation if that counts…let’s say if we’re kicking it off, we’re vibing, and we’re feeling good…I will know that I want you from the jump,” says Whigham.

When discussing her ideal date, she described the importance of being thoughtful and going the extra mile.

“Honestly, let’s say we have a movie night…and I open the door and you have tacos and you know I love tacos or Chinese food or some sushi; we were just having a movie night and you put some thought into me..that’s so beautiful,” says Whigham. 

She loves an adventure and wants to experience things with her partner. She also wants to motivate and uplift her partner the best that she can. 

“The best part about dating me is that you will get something new everyday…I am such an adventurous person and I feel like we need to experience things together,” said Whigham. “I am someone who just motivates and wants to make sure that you feel encouraged and feel loved and that you are unstoppable and can accomplish anything you want.”

She is ready to be happy and healthy with her future partner and cannot wait to finally settle down with her ideal partner.