Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: Bryan Squires Is Looking For His Ride-or-Die

By: Mia Uzzell
FAMU’s Finest: Bryan Squires Is Looking For His Ride-or-Die

Bryan Squires is no stranger to the FAMU spotlight. 

Whether in his Marine Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) uniform, his Associate Justice robe, or his athletic gear for his co-founded Better Performance Fitness program, Squires is marked by his charismatic smile that grins from ear to ear. 

The sophomore Business Administration student finds himself wearing many hats across campus, however, he is now ready to pursue the title of “boyfriend.”

With a stacked resume in one hand, Squires believes he is more than ready to hold the hand of a special lady in the other. He says underneath the layers of his charming persona and stellar achievements is an affectionate side eager to rise to the surface.


Squires’s affectionate side is emphatically piqued by intellectual curiosity, resembling the emotive traits of his Pisces moon. Intrigued by women that can enlighten him, he believes sticking to the fool-proof, classic dinner and movie combo is the best way to discover this intellect. 

“My ideal date would be eating something good and just being able to really pick their brain and really figure out who they are,” he said. 

In the dating world, the casual first date discussion can be intimidating, but for Bryan it is the perfect opportunity to determine the likelihood of a second date, because a conversationalist is what he needs in a companion.

“I need someone to talk to me and not be boring,” said Squires. 

When asked why he desires this attribute initially, the North Carolina native indicated that he finds solace in having a sounding board and a personal cheerleader wrapped in one after a long day. 

“My girlfriend would make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, because I have a lot on my plate and a lot of the time it is just me,” he said. 


For him, a stimulating conversation on the first date shows the potential to fulfill these attributes he longs for. Most of all, this value of intentional conversations translates to Bryan’s love language: words of affirmation. 

“Having someone that says ‘Hey, go get after the day’ is what I need,” he says. A simple phrase like that is symbolic because it affirms his partner’s genuine thought for his well-being. 

In reciprocity, Bryan etching out precious time in his busy schedule is his way of showing his love, and he only reserves this for the right woman. 

If you’re comedic, affectionate, an avid reader, and tall, you meet the qualifications of Bryan’s Mrs. Right. And like any beau on the market, he also has a list of things that qualify for Mrs. Wrong 

“My deal breakers is someone that cannot take correction, cannot compromise, and does not admit when [they’re] wrong,” he stated. He also credits bad hygiene as his top superficial dealbreaker. “My mama and sister both keep up with themselves, so it is only right that I look for that.”

To the Mrs. Right that is ready for a kindhearted man that values wholesome communication and full commitment, Bryan says “I hope you’re ready, lets rock out, let’s do this thing.”