Love & Dating | February 14th, 2023

FAMU’s Finest: Brittney Spruill

By: Marissa Wells
FAMU’s Finest: Brittney Spruill

“Going through school, I remember a lot of teachers would say, ‘you’re a STEM major. You can’t have this influencer lifestyle. You can’t pick both,'” Brittney Spruill said. “But I want to be the person that can do both. Yes, I’m a doctor on this side, but I’m also an influencer on this side.”

Second-year biology pre-med scholar Brittney Spruill identifies with many different groups.

She’s a gamer, a socialite who’s breaking into the world of social media influencing, a nursing student and a self-taught lash technician. Each of these groups plays a significant role in Spruill’s identity.

Originally born in Virginia, the 19-year-old remembers moving around a lot. She lived in Delaware, New York and New Jersey before she moved to Florida to attend college. Her interest in Florida A&M University peaked when she began watching a student’s YouTube videos.

“I used to watch Dani the YouTuber’s videos,” Spruill said. “I saw how much fun she was having, and when I got accepted, I told myself it’s FAMU. I’m not going anywhere else.”

The fashion industry is another world Spruill plans on getting more involved with. Inspired by actor and musician Teyana Taylor and Lorvae founder De’Arra Taylor, Spruill describes her style aesthetic as chill or laid back. Comprised chiefly of streetwear, Spruill says she wears what she’s most comfortable and most confident in.

In addition to all her other hats, Spruill is also a small business owner. She is the founder and CEO of BlinxbyBritt, an eyelash application service. Spruill sought to receive her eyelash certification after experiencing “broke college student syndrome.”

“I didn’t like that I had to beg my parents for money just to go out,” Spruill said. “I think all college students should have a side hustle, especially if they go to an HBCU.”

After consulting her eyelash technician back home, Spruill realized that providing eyelash services here in Tallahassee could be her side hustle. BlinxbyBritt offers customers a choice between a classic set, a hybrid fill or a mega volume fill. Customers can also choose whether they want a complete set or a fill-in.

Spruill is an advocate for following your dreams. As a nursing student, she often has hours of studying to complete before she can make any content for social media, but she makes it work. Spruill says one of her main goals is to show others the impossible is possible. Although challenging, you can achieve it through hard work and dedication.

In five years, Spruill sees herself thriving in medical school while producing content for social media on the side. Spruill says she wants to thank FAMU for helping her find herself. Attending FAMU gave her the confidence to be authentic, and she fell in love with who she became.