Culture | February 13th, 2020

FAMU’s Finest: An Ode to the 2004 Issue

By: Journey Associate
FAMU’s Finest: An Ode to the 2004 Issue

Hanging around the Journey office means being surrounded by countless issues. The years ranging from 1997 to our most recent one. So much culture, creativity and nostalgia wrapped into each magazine.

But, the one that we always go back to is that double flip-cover Super Singles issue from 2004. My staff became very fond of this issue because, well, who doesn’t love love and seeing college kids from 16 years ago. So, we decided to bring back Super Singles, but have a 2020 Gen Z twist.

Firstly, we renamed it ‘FAMU’s Finest’ because our eligible singles are a few of the most well-rounded students on campus. Secondly, this issue is completely digital because you know it comes with the times. Listed below are our staff’s selection of the finest, most eligible bachelors and bachelorette’s. You can also read their individual profiles on our page as well.

-Aiyana Ishmael, Editor-in-chief


FAMU’s Finest: Women

Kamiah Milliner, Senior, Social Work

Alexandra Muse, Sophomore, Psychology & Public Relations

Uriah Smith, Freshman, Pre-Nursing

Christin Lewis, Sophomore, Healthcare Management



  Nia Wromas, Junior, Social Work

FAMU’s Finest: Men

Marvin Leveille, Junior, Economics


Pierre Alsint, Sophomore, Business Administration

Bryan Squires, Sophomore, Business Administration

Korey Creary, Junior, Health Science

Jordan Sheppard, Senior, Broadcast Journalism