| February 14th, 2021

FAMU’s Finest: Aliya Everett is Looking For a Man to Match Her Love

By: Kailyn Rhone
FAMU’s Finest: Aliya Everett is Looking For a Man to Match Her Love

With defined curls of chestnut-brown hair that garland her angular face, Aliya Everett’s cheerful character and angelic smile can steal the hearts of many but she is in search to only obtain the heart of one lucky man. 

This 20-year-old Sagittarius woman is full of life, laughter, and love, which is recognized throughout her presence on social media and Florida A&M’s campus. Everett, a junior broadcast journalism student, is an outgoing individual who has ambitions of becoming an ESPN news anchor and hopes of finding a partner who is as compassionate and hardworking as her. 

Hailing from Blountstown, Fla., this fiery 5’6 woman is ready to find her fellow sports fanatic, best-friend, and God-fearing lover. 

“I love a man that can make me laugh. Someone that is determined and driven, has goals and something going for them is always attractive,” she said. 

When it comes to romance, the brown-eyed beauty describes herself as adventurous and affectionate. She values easement and confidence in a relationship with her partner to enjoy the little things in life and simply have a joyous time together. 

The man of her dreams is someone who is respectable, honest, supportive, and profoundly obsessed with sports just as much as she is.

“My type? Tall, handsome, smart, goal-oriented, etc. God-fearing is a must. I am a former athlete, so I’m naturally attracted to athleticism. I don’t discriminate, but I do prefer wholesome, Black kings,” Everett said. 

For those wanting access to the key of Everett’s precious heart, anything from A Town Wings  to Insomnia Cookies will hold you in favorable regard with this food-lover.  

And although Everett may have a struggle trusting you at first, once you earned her trust, you’ve earned the most valuable thing to her — her loving and generous heart.

“I expect him to be my rock. Someone that can pick me up when I’m down. I expect him to pray, cry, laugh and live life to the fullest with me. I expect him to love me and care for me the way God loves me and cares for me.”

However, if you are irresponsible or not-so-clean, there is little to no chance you will catch the attention of Everett. 

“Someone that is irresponsible and dirty is a big deal-breaker for me. I cannot stand someone that will not clean up after themselves. Drives me crazy,” she said passionately. 

More than anything, Everett admires a man who is highly spiritually and will love her everlastingly, quite like she proudly proclaims God has done for her since birth.

 “What shapes my way of love is the way that God loves me. This man has been here for me when no one else has been here for me. He picked me up when I was down and out, and at the end of the day, God is love,” Everett said.

If you happen to stumble upon this captivating and energetic soul, make sure you are the respectable, spiritual, and entertaining man she desires.