Love & Dating | March 1st, 2022

FAMU’s Finest: Adrian Wilson is Ready to Bring His Love Outdoors

By: Noella Williams
FAMU’s Finest: Adrian Wilson is Ready to Bring His Love Outdoors

While sitting in the presence of Adrian Wilson, you’ll likely find yourself inspired to reconnect with nature and the outdoors.

Originally from the DMV, the 21-year-old came to FAMU to study environmental science and political science. His passion for the environment and outdoors led him to conceiving FAMU’s Outdoor Club, founded last fall. Gaining traction from nearly 500 Instagram followers along with a GroupMe chat of 165 members, his mission for encouraging more Black students to spend time in nature is blossoming before our eyes into a thriving safe space to hike, swim and kayak.

 “I first discovered the outdoors when I was very young,” he shared in a docu-series with Black Diamond and HBCUs Outside. “Freshman year of college was really where I was like, ‘Okay, this is something that I like doing, this is something that brings me solace, something that makes me happy, so I’m gonna continue doing it, not just to see the views but also just to be connected.’”

 Clearly, Wilson’s best moments are spent outdoors, but his latest venture is the search for a partner that can accompany him on his adventures around Tallahassee and beyond.

Photo courtesy Amiya Abner

 In his search for love, Wilson shared that he looks for empathy, open-mindedness and spontaneity in a significant other. Whether your version of spontaneity is surprising him with a new restaurant to try or a new nature trail to stroll in the mornings, you’ll win him over with your thoughtful action. Wilson is also attracted to those who portray their kindness around others, so he’s made it very transparent that he has no time for toxic behavior.

 “Kindness is a big thing to me, because I try to treat people with as much respect and kindness as I can,” he said. “I always tell people after I finish hanging out with them to have a great day, because that’s just something that I really want people to have.”

 As Wilson described his personality traits throughout the interview—observant, kind and passionate—it is east to guess that he belongs with the water signs. Although he admits he is unfamiliar with astrology, Wilson is able to immediately share that his zodiac sign is a Scorpio. “I’m a Scorpio, from what I’ve read, we are very passionate,” he said with a chuckle. Known for their tendency to be extremely emotional and analytical, he assures potential suitors that he keeps his emotions private, unless the occasional tear for a sad movie.

Besides spending time in nature, what else does the outdoorsman do with his spare time? Wilson, committed to veganism for almost two years, considers himself a foodie but confessed that his choice of diet often creates barriers for him among the dating scene.

 Photo courtesy Amiya Abner

“My partner does not have to be vegan,” he reassured. “I often hesitate when telling people about my veganism, because I feel like it puts me in a box. I’ve had people actually tell me, ‘Oh, I didn’t think that we would get along that well, or I didn’t think that you would be interested in me because you were vegan.’”

Wilson welcomes both carnivores and plant-based partners into his romantic life; he does prefer someone that is a fan of the outdoors. Within nature, which he described as his “happy place,” an ideal date would include an elevated hike or rock climbing, but he is open to a casual dinner and a movie.

 If you caught feelings for the vegan Scorpio while reading this and you’re interested in going on a date with him, unfortunately you can’t match with him on Tinder because he’s not currently using dating apps. You can, however, find Wilson roaming around FAMU’s campus for three more semesters and connect with him in-person. 

According to Wilson, he “loves somebody who is confident and bold,” since he tends to get nervous when approaching a potential love interest. To his future partner that he hopes is also studying at FAMU, a “tree-mendous” spark with Adrian is waiting for you.