Business & Finance | January 8th, 2021

FAMU Student Juggling Skincare Business and Books

By: De'ja Stokes
FAMU Student Juggling Skincare Business and Books

It may be hard to maintain a business and be in school but that is not the case for London Averyhart. With a passion for seeing others happy and content, she is juggling her own skincare business, all while being a full-time college student.  

Averyhart, 19, is a health science student from Atlanta, Ga. She developed the idea of her  business the summer before starting her first year of college. What started out as making personal concoctions for her own blemishes, eventually became the motivation to start her own  skincare brand: Pretty Glow Essentials. For some, the quarantine took a negative toll on them,  but Averyhart’s business amidst it. 

“I kind of slept on the idea for a while to get used to college. But during quarantine, I had time to  take a real initiative to start my skincare brand, featuring those same simple ingredients that  helped better my own skin,” said Averyhart.  

Every Pretty Glow Essentials product is hand-made specifically by Averyhart. Most of the products’ ingredients come from wholesale retailers, organic markets and a few are even  homegrown. Some of the main ingredients used in the products include aloe vera, argan nut oil and manuka honey. The process consists of preparing the product, sanitizing, labeling and then sealing. She acknowledges that the process of creating the products is wearying, but the outcome is worth it.  

Averyhart tries to be an adaptable and transparent business owner, being that she also  experienced issues with hormonal acne. She understands and will always acknowledge how it  feels to go through such a confusing, yet humiliating experience.  

“Acne is tough on a lot of people’s self-esteem and confidence as it was on mine. It’s such an  embarrassing chapter for most but I try to remind everyone that real skin has texture and flaws and that it’s okay,” said Averyhart.  

As most business owners experience, launching her skincare brand was not an easy task.  Averyhart faced many challenges while trying to get her business off the ground. The challenges she faced included testing the products, attempting to gain more clientele, shipping issues and  how to market her brand strategically. As of now, marketing to more of the male audience and  younger adults is a challenge. 

“Six months in and running a business of course still isn’t easy, but I’m learning things as I go,  which I love,” said Averyhart.  


To her peers, it is amazing to see how Averyhart balances her business and a full-time school  schedule. Aspen Humes, a friend of Averyhart, says, “Her work ethic definitely inspires me. I  love seeing her work hard for something she is so passionate about.” As a customer, Humes said  Averyhart’s passion makes her more inclined to try her products.  

In the beginning, it was quite a challenge with balancing schoolwork and her business. But now, she has a schedule and more structure to help her, even though sometimes there are nights  she still must stay up late. 

“London will stay up all day and night making products, making posts and making sure that her customers get what they need, all while maintaining her schoolwork,” said Caleb Reynolds,  her boyfriend and customer. 

Averyhart has a lot more on her plate than the usual college student but she does not let it deter her from succeeding and growing in every way possible. She is committed to seeing her customers happy and satisfied with their skin, while constantly reminding herself of the bigger picture to keep her motivated.   

Completing school and having a thriving business are the main goals. Even if it means she must wake up early, create schedules and have great time-management to get through this process for  the remainder of her college career.