Fashion | November 22nd, 2019

FAMU Student Evolves Clothing Brand

By: Ezekiel Hobbs
FAMU Student Evolves Clothing Brand

“Hustle to get where you want to go and act like you don’t have no time,” Richard ‘Heights’ Anderson said.

Born and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Anderson, a Florida A&M University student and fashion designer released his new collection of street wear calling it ‘No Time’ under his brand called Evolve. 

This is Anderson’s fifth project since dropping his first item in January of 2016. His new collection includes hats, hoodies and shirts that incorporate fall colors with the word ‘Evolve’ imprinted on the front and the phrase ‘No Time’ imprinted on the back.

Anderson expresses that the inspiration for the new clothing came from his current life situation. 

“I named it ‘No Time’ because that’s the space that I’m in right now, Anderson said. I have no time for nonsense and I’m really trying to make things happen. I really want the people who support me to understand that to inspire what you want to be you have to hustle.”

He made it known that Ohio street culture and the music he listens to play a major role in the different names he calls his different fashion collections under the Evolve brand. 

When debuting his new collection, Anderson organized a private invite-only pop-up shop near FAMU’s campus. Customers were able to purchase some of the items he had on display. In the midst of buying the clothing, customers were able to sip on fine wine, relax and listen to different genres of music.   

Since being at FAMU the young fashion designer has gained a lot of support from fellow Rattlers.

“I’m here supporting Richard because I can just tell how passionate he is about it and know he’ll do whatever it takes to bring his vision to life,” said Brittany Eugene. “What I like most is that he says there are no rules to streetwear. He does whatever comes to his mind, sticks to it and it comes out good.”

Eugene is a FAMU alumna who received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and has known the designer for two years. She says being around him is really inspiring. 

Jaida Toney, another friend and supporter of Anderson, loved the new collection so much that she purchase items from his pop-up shop.

“I feel like Richard’s new collection represents a bigger image — a bigger meaning that’s about evolving as a person,” said Toney. “He built this from the ground up and it’s different from a lot of [stores] you see here in Tallahassee that pretty much sell the same thing.” 

Toney has known Anderson for two years when they both joined Images, a modeling and fashion troupe.

Anderson insists that he takes fashion very seriously and wants his name to be known forever in the fashion industry.

“I’m aspiring to be the Mona Lisa of fashion,” he said. 

Anderson plans on taking Evolve to greater heights and expanding the brand into other sectors. 

“I think about owning stores in the future and over time this Evolve brand will expand not just into fashion but other things like real estate, music, wine & champagne, and marketing and strategies,” said Anderson. 

You can find Anderson’s new clothing line through his company Instagram handle @Evolvestreetwear__. The clothing options are unisex.