Fashion | October 27th, 2023

Fall Fashion Trends

By: Cordell Jones
Fall Fashion Trends

Homecoming season is upon us, and the fall fashion season is starting; new trends are coming. With the bulk of runway shows finishing, multiple brands and influencers have caused recent trends to impact our close student body and the world. 

One of the main trends shown throughout various runway shows like Chloé, Prada, and Ferragamo, among others, was the heavy presence of red. The courageous and bold color has had a significant presence in various outfits shown on the runway. Mixing it in different ways, like wearing red pants or red accessories, can help to add a trendy color to your wardrobe. 

Another trend, as mentioned by Glamour, is perfect to keep in mind for the upcoming winter months. Sweaters from higher brands like Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent to locally sourced brands like Guyow Clothing, Swank, and Aworan help to keep cool in the cold months while still being fashionable. Pairing these sweaters with more comfortable clothing can help make them a consistent mainstay in your fall closet. 

Business clothing, mainly prevalent on FAMU’s campus, has significantly impacted some of the high fashion shows for the fall season. From pinstripe blazers to loafers and flats, these items have significantly impacted various brands’ most recent collections, like Armani and GCDS. Twisting these items on their heads to create new silhouettes that keep the essence of the things are also present in current collections. 

Vogue writer Alexis Parker highlights trends like 90’s fashion, denim on denim, and elevated basics among the various trends Vogue editors see as fall trends. Compared to others mentioned on these lists, these trends are more easily attainable for a college student. Thrifting, second-hand online shopping, and DIY-ing your clothes can help you attack this trend. 

With FAMU homecoming right around the corner, checking into these trends can help save your homecoming outfit and have a style that’s right in season.