Campus Life | November 1st, 2023

Enchanted Memories: FAMU Homecoming Coronation

By: Kerrington Freeman
Enchanted Memories: FAMU Homecoming Coronation

Florida A&M University’s homecoming is an occasion where history, culture, and the spirit of the Rattlers collide in a burst of vibrant celebration.

This year, the crown jewel of homecoming week was the coronation ceremony, where Kendall Johnson and Devin Nobles Jr. officially took their place as the reigning royalty of the university: The 117th Miss FAMU and 24th Mr. FAMU. Having earned their titles in February, they have since served the campus with utmost dedication and grace.

Coronation night, which took place Oct. 22, was a spectacular spectacle marked by the regal presence of kings, queens and their courts from every corner of the campus. With Johnson dazzling in a white, fully beaded, floral evening gown and Nobles dapper in a tailored white tuxedo, the duo exuded elegance and confidence as they embraced their crowning moment.

A Fairytale Moment

Surrounded by shimmering lights and extravagance, Johnson and Nobles found themselves amid a bustling crowd. 

The warmth of family, the cheers of friends, and the camaraderie of their fellow court members surrounded them, creating a comforting atmosphere. The evening held significance beyond the mere crowning of the two. It was a celebration of unity and shared pride, and Mr. and Miss FAMU were right in the center of it, creating memories that would last a lifetime.


117th Miss Florida A&M University Kendall Johnson || photo courtesy: Johnson, @thekendallnaomi on Instagram

“My most memorable moment from the coronation ceremony would be at the end when I walked outside and I was greeted by a horse and carriage,” Johnson said. “This was so beautiful because when the late Andre Green told me about the coronation and its theme, I immediately asked him if we could pull the theme together by having a live house. When he passed, I didn’t know how likely that would be now, being that he was the man who could’ve made anything happen.

“That night, it warmed my heart to see the horse and carriage outside,” Johnson said.“Which truly made me feel like I was in my own Disney fairy tale.”

As the evening progressed, the crowd witnessed the crowning of additional court members. Deserving individuals with the titles of Miss Graduate Attendant (Destiny Bryant), Miss Senior (Janelle Cotton), Miss Junior (Tamerah Williams), Miss Sophomore (Ongel Harris), Miss Freshman (Brandi Ash), and King and Queen of Orange and Green (Malachi Gibbs and Keynna McFann) all sat on the stage and received their crowns.

Between tear-jerking speeches and heartfelt presentations, there was resounding applause and enthusiasm at every moment.

Passing the Torch

The apex of the evening was reached as Aliyah Everett and Armani Jones, the previous Mr. and Miss FAMU, took the stage alongside Johnson and Nobles.

In a manner reminiscent of passing the torch, Everett and Jones officially bestowed the crown upon Johnson and Nobles. In all their grandeur, their crowns commanded attention as Johnson’s reached a towering height of nine inches and Nobles’s a full six inches. Both surfaces were adorned with shimmering rhinestones that reflected a dazzling shine. Their presence illuminated the entire auditorium, serving as a potent symbol of the brilliance that defined their reign.


24th Mister Florida A&M University Devin Nobles Jr. | photo courtesy: @thekiddcreations on Instagram

“Coronation was the best day of my homecoming week,” Nobles said. “Watching Armani get crowned last year, to have him walk on stage and now crown me felt like a full circle moment.

“We did it,” Nobles said. “Not just him and I, but my whole village of people who supported me to get here.”

The FAMU community united with royal courts of sororities, fraternities, and schools, all coming together, joining to pay tribute to their cherished kings and queens. In a beautiful display of unity and support, they each presented Johnson and Nobles with heartfelt tokens of gratitude.

Further into the night, the festivities spilled out from the auditorium and into the grand ballroom, where a reception filled the air with abundant joy and fellowship. As the royal court members were presented, their respective organizations extended a warm welcome with joyful songs and lively dances that infused the atmosphere with an abundance of positivity and contagious energy.

However, the significance of this night reached far beyond the confines of the university. Parents traveled from near and far to witness their children’s accomplishments and the beauty of the traditions they were upholding.

An appearance of former Mr. and Miss FAMUs took place at Saturday’s football game. 

They elegantly showcased themselves in white dresses and stylish suits, beautifully embellished with sashes representing their past reigns. Taking a symbolic stroll around Bragg Stadium, they retraced the path they had once tread upon during their days on the hill. The moment was filled with deep emotion as it highlighted the lasting impact and togetherness at FAMU, serving as a powerful reminder that each new generation proudly upholds the university’s esteemed heritage and customs.

Amid the resounding cheers and applause that echoed throughout the week, there was a clear indication of Johnson and Nobles’ legacy that will be forever remembered at FAMU.