Arts | March 24th, 2022

DKOMX: The Newest Voice On The Hill

By: Skylar Boone
DKOMX: The Newest Voice On The Hill

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is no doubt a place that attracts greatness. Becoming a Rattler is a catalyst for long term excellence. Well, the newest rattler on the hill, Dakarai Williams, is ready for the journey to success.

Dakarai Williams is a name you may not immediately recognize but you may know and love him as the musical sounding of DKOMX. DKOMX stands for Dakarai over music and he is most commonly known as DK.

DK is a first-year theater and psychology student but FAMU born and bred as his parents are a FAMU love story. Before coming to FAMU, DK was already on the road to success as he started performing at the age of 13.

“I want people to truly feel and see me when they listen to my music but through seeing me I want them to see themselves too,” said DKOMX.

The background that DK has in music is deeply rooted. At age 14, he attended the Otis Music Camp in Macon, Ga. — an annual music and songwriter’s camp hosted by the Otis Redding Foundation in honor of soul music legend Otis Redding.

Under the training of that annual camp and weekly training through The Otis Redding Center of Creative Arts for over five years, he was given the opportunity to receieve performance training and studio experience, largely under the direction of longtime Otis Redding Foundation Coach Vinson Muhammad. 

With connections in the industry, DKOMX has even caught the attention of notable FAMU alumni such as film/television director and producer Rob Hardy.

“I have watched DKOMX’s young career evolve in music, and I believe he is a throwback that can also impact current trends and is on track to being an amazing artist who could help shape the culture for his generation,” said Hardy.

Although deeply rooted in the heart of Rattler Nation, DKOMX has a range that reaches many different audiences. In 2019 he performed at the Atlanta Funk Fest opening for popular artists like Scarface, Mystikal, SWV, Teddy Riley, Keith Sweat at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta, Ga.

Even his performances for the FAMU crowds are no small feat from rocking the crowds at the Orange Blossom Classic concert to the 2021 Homecoming Concert. At the 2021 Orange Blossom Classic Welcome to The 305 Pre-Game Concert DKOMX was the opening act for JT Money, Ball Greezy, Trina, Trick Daddy and Uncle Luke at the Bayfront Park, in Downtown Miami, Fla.

The 2021 Homecoming Concert was a time where DKOMX really shined. He was the Florida A&M University EPIC Return Homecoming Concert Music Breakr Break the Hill Student Contest winner with the reward of being one of the opening acts for Lil Baby and Money Bagg Yo.

“If people could have one take away from my performances, I would want it to be love. I want them to feel the love, dedication and work that I put into every show and feel the connection between myself and the music,” said DKOMX.

Many people might be extremely nervous about performing in front of such large crowds.  However, DKOMX says that although it can be nerve-wracking after doing so many theater shows and playing baseball his entire life, he has mastered channeling the nervous energy into positive energy for the performance.

The music industry is not a piece of cake so having a slew of mentors who have been where you have been is very helpful, if not almost necessary. DK has the pleasure of being mentored by the Goodie Mob. 

The Goodie Mob is an Atlanta, Georgia-based hip hop ensemble. Big Gipp, Khujo, CeeLo Green, and T-Mo created the group in 1991. The debut album by Goodie Mob, “Soul Food,” was critically acclaimed and gold certified in 1995.

“DKOMX makes timeless and relevant music. He reminds me of a young Goodie,” said Khujo Goodie of the Goodie Mob.

His music can be found on all digital platforms. In 2020 he released his mixtape “Wait Til Sunday” with eight songs where his apparent lyricism is shown.

 DKOMX says at FAMU some crowd favorites would have to be the first track “Notice” and “ S.O.T.P.” In the last few weeks, DJ Loose Kid, FAMU’s d favorite DJ, has played S.O.T.P. at home basketball games. DKOMX has had a few opportunities to perform with DJ Loose Kid and it’s been magic every time.

“He’s energetic, confident and talented,” said Loose Kid. “His sound is pure music, you can tell he’s talented and he attracts young crowds but older crowds can still relate with his music.”

 There’s no question that DKOMX is on his way to success. He has been asked to perform at FAMU‘s Be Out Day based on the crowd’s reception at his homecoming and he will be one of the main opening acts before the headliner on March 26th.

You can tap into DKOMX’s music by listening to FAMU’s 90.5 FM The Flava Station or visiting his website at