Love & Dating | February 15th, 2022

Defining Black Love With VJ & Tylah

By: Amiya Abner & Nina Shortt
Defining Black Love With VJ & Tylah

Love is in the air at Florida A&M University for a captivating couple of nearly two years, Vashaun “Vj” Williams II and Tylah Granum. For Journey’s Black Love Series, we had the opportunity to strike up a conversation highlighting their enchanting campus love story.

Dating back to their freshman year of college the two started off as unknown admirers living in FAMU’s very own Polkinghorne Village residence halls. 

As they would roam around campus as strangers but very aware of each other’s presence, one night on the streets of Tallahassee these two rattlers crossed paths and had no idea that one moment would cultivate into an impeccable relationship.

Photo courtesy Amiya Abner

“I went to Night Kap (a party) spring semester and saw her faint. So my homeboys and I carried her to make sure she was good and everything. We made sure she was alright, but actually she turned out to have a crush on me,” said Williams. “So a couple days after, when I saw her on my floor in village I asked her if she was good and everything. Later on in March that’s when I met her forreal and since then we’ve spent everyday together since March 5.”

The most beautiful thing about these two lovebirds is how apparent their admiration for each other is. A bright smile comes across VJ’s face as soon as he spots Tylah from a distance. His first instinct is to take out his phone and contact her via FaceTime during our interview.

Photo courtesy Amiya Abner

“His kindness is one of my favorite things about him. I actually met him and he was helping because I was the damsel in distress and he was my little superman. I always had good experiences when I met him but I never knew him and he was just always there for me,” she says. “When I was getting to know him on a deeper level I fell in love with his heart and how sweet he was. He’s very different from a lot of the men I’ve met in my entire life, friendship wise or romantically, I don’t know anyone else like Vj on this campus or in this world.” 

Vj recounts that one of his favorite things about his lovely girlfriend was that she is a spitting image of the most important woman in his life.“Automatically from the jump something about her was different. She reminded me of the greatest women I know — my mom. No one has ever reminded me of my mom which was different,” he says. “When I’m with her it’s always positive vibes and I can be real candid with her. After March 5th we’ve spent every day together and I never get tried of her. The compassion she has makes her a loving person whether she knows you or not.”

Photo courtesy Amiya Abner

Not only is this FAMU power couple genuine, but their love is founded on reciprocity. For them, Black love is in an arena of its own.

“Black love is something that’s more than just physical, it’s deeper than a physical connection. It’s a soul connection and I think it’s something that will last forever.There’s nothing in the world like Black love and I think it’s the best feeling in the world. I love him,” says Tylah.

Not only does she appreciate her own relationship, but she believes it’s important for others to take steps with their own love interests and create a healthy relationship.

Photo courtesy Amiya Abner

“I would say definitely work on your communication and comprehension skills before getting into a relationship with someone. Listen to your partner and listen with the intent of truly understanding them,” she continues. “I think this is something that plays a significant role and especially if that relationship is going to last or not.” 

Spotting these two love birds on the quad will have you in awe as they continue to portray one of FAMU’s many unique products of black love.