News | October 3rd, 2018

Comedians Wild Out at the Comedy Show

By: Aiyana Ishmael
Comedians Wild Out at the Comedy Show

Florida A&M University’s second day of homecoming continued with laughter at the Al Lawson Center where thousands of Rattlers came out to see the comedy show. The featured guests were Karlous Miller, Chico Bean, B. Simone and FAMU alumni, Clayton English.

Clayton English began the night recalling similar experiences he faced attending FAMU, with the crowd relating all too well. English poked fun at the residence halls on campus and reminisced on his time at his alma mater.

“I went to school here, [FAMU] just breeds excellence,” English said. “I’m glad y’all got to see what I’ve been knowing.”

Known from MTV’s hit show Wild n’ Out, Chico Bean came out and cracked jokes about his experiences attending an Historically Black College or University and teased raunchy jokes tailored to HBCU students. Bean has performed for many homecoming comedy shows at other schools, but enjoyed his time with FAMU’s crowd.

“I’ve done a lot of comedy homecoming shows,” Bean said. “But what we did tonight I’ve never seen before. I’ve never seen energy like this, I’ve never seen a response like this.”

Long time star of Wild n’ Out, Karlous Miller, then made his way out to the crowd creating even more excitement. Miller continued to make light of HBCU life and how most of the institutions are “in the hood.”

B. Simone, the only comedienne in attendance, then joined all the men on stage. They gathered three FAMU male students and held a game show called “Find Your Boo: FAMU.” Simone asked questions to the young men about their relationship abilities and what they’d do if they took her out on a date.

Freshman Pierre Alsint won the “competition” and was awarded a date with B. Simone, but she then ragged on him for his choice of shoe.

The night continued on as Bean went around the crowd talking to different Rattlers and even CashApped a student $150 when she asked, “You got the cash?”

Students then enlivened as comedian DC Young Fly surprised the audience around 10 p.m.. Unfortunately, the event extended over time and at 10:15 p.m., soundboard operators switched the lights and microphones off.

Students tried to rush backstage to get photos with the guests. Some even tried sneaking down the elevator to get directly backstage, but were stopped by police officers.

Backstage in the media room, select students were able to ask questions to the comedians. All the comedians discussed their journey to success, staying humble and the great treatment they received from FAMU.

The comedians understood why FAMU has so much Rattler pride.

“Y’all showed us a lot of love,” Miller said. “Y’all made us feel welcomed, made us feel like this was a familiar setting, everybody took care of us, it was dope. Everyone came out and showed love to the homecoming comedy show.”