Entertainment | October 11th, 2019

Chico Bean and Karlous Miller Return to Comedy Show

By: Alexis Hamilton
Chico Bean and Karlous Miller Return to Comedy Show

Florida A&M University ended day three of homecoming with a comedy show featuring returning comedians Chico Bean and Karlous Miller and a surprise performance by Lil Duval. Despite feeling as though last year’s comedy show was much funnier, students were pleased to see the comedians come back for a second time. Al Lawson filled with laughter throughout the night. Senior public relations major James Williams expressed his excitement for bringing back the duo.

“I thought it was a good thing,” said Williams. “I had so much fun last year. I really enjoyed them bringing the same people back. It was much funnier last year, but I still had a great time.”

Senior economics major Alexis Barini had the same sentiments as Williams and was delighted to see the chemistry between Miller and Bean once again.

“I was really glad that they brought them back for a second time,” said Barini. “I really can’t think of anyone else that I would have wanted to see.”

The students seemed to have appreciated how engaged with the audience the comedians were.

Some even ran up to the front just yell friendly insults at them. One of the students asked Bean to remove his hat in which majority of the crowd burst out into laughter once he did.

“I love how they interacted with the crowd,” sophomore theater and business administration major Chazriq Clarke said. “I do feel like last year was better, but my time was still going to be lit regardless.”

Junior psychology major Autumn Thompson was also among one of the students that was happy to see the comedians.

“It was nice to see them again,” Thompson said. “The vibes were never bad here and they gave the crowd what they wanted.”

Miller, Bean and Duval cracked jokes throughout the night and even included some of the audience members in the fun. The three comedians also offered some sound advice for the students that attended.

“I want y’all to understand that a lot of the stuff y’all are worried about now don’t mean nothing,” said Bean.

Not staying on a serious note for too long, Bean proceeded to tell jokes using SGA President Rochard Moricette and Mr. FAMU Crenel “CJ” Francis.

Although there were mixed feelings about the show, there were numerous positive reviews and some people even asking for a three-peat.