News | October 29th, 2018

Chef Feeds Hurricane Survivors

By: Alexis Grant
Chef Feeds Hurricane Survivors

Shawn Green is the owner of Crabs On The Run LLC., a food and catering business in Tallahassee. When she heard about the damage that had occurred in areas surrounding Tallahassee from Hurricane Michael, Green knew that she and her cousin, Wineisha Johnson had to help.

“We will be providing breakfast for families residing in Gadsden County,” Johnson said. “It is essential for us to come together as communities to help our neighbors.“

Hurricane Michael ripped through areas of the Florida Panhandle leaving some residents behind with little to nothing. While lineman and rescuers are still working around the clock to clear trees and restore power, things like clothes and a good meal aren’t as easy to come by. 

Tallahassee had damage, but it was minuscule compared to surrounding areas. Not only are residents in areas like Panama City Beach, Quincy, and Marietta experiencing prolonged power outages, many are left with no food, water, and ravaged homes. 

Green and Johnson are just some of the many residents and organizations throughout Tallahassee doing their part in helping out neighboring cities. According to Johnson, this event wasn’t just a desire but a need. 

“Our plan was just to get hot food to as many people as we can,” Green said. “Showing people that we care for others and their well being.”

The two have traveled to other areas that were affected by Michael to provide meals for victims. 

“We were just in Panama City Beach earlier this week,” Green said. “We’re going to continue to go back and forth.” 

Hurricane Michael ripped through Florida’s Peninsula on October 10, with winds that marked the storm as the most powerful to ever hit the area. While the historic hurricane left some areas with extreme damage, it also opened the hearts of many victims. 

“I’m just so thankful to know that there are people who will help others during our times of need,” Brandi Wilkinson said. “People here are hungry and right now we don’t have much but if it wasn’t for the help of others like this we would really be lost. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

As Florida recuperates from Hurricane Michael, individuals are lending hands to help those less fortunate than others. For Green and Johnson, they say they are more than happy to help.