Campus Life | October 22nd, 2023

Big Brother Little Brother Host Cook Out of the Year

By: Jada Pierre
Big Brother Little Brother Host Cook Out of the Year

Florida A&M’s Big Brother Little Brother has officially started their season of hosting events. This past weekend, BBLB presented their infamous cookout to the students at FAMU, and if you were not there, you truly missed out.

Guests were instantly submerged in vibrant vibes and old 2000s music as they entered the function. Students got to release stress from the long school week by ‘pieing’ members of BBLB in the face and enjoying delicious food.

BBLB member Elijah Townsend-Avella states that events like the cookout are important because they get FAMU students together and acclimated with one another. He says that BBLB wants students to have fun and spend time with one another outside of student organizations they are familiar with.

Avella also states that a student who holds a leadership position may appear unapproachable or intimidating. However, events like the cookout bring people to an environment where they are “real people and not just a face” on campus.

The turnout was an overall success, according to Justin Thompson, who is also a member of BBLB.

“We ended up having a lot more people than expected,” said Thompson. “People from different organizations and different classes. We were there from 4 p.m. to sundown.”

Thompson also explains that the cookout helps with the overall reputation of BBLB to show students that this is “who we are and what we do. Yes, we are a mentoring program, but we also like to cater to the entire FAMU body.”

“We want to be able to hold events where people can come together, network, socialize, and have fun at the same time. It’s super important to host these events because it connects us with the FAMU Body as a whole.”