Health | October 22nd, 2023

Balance Romantics

By: Stephen Swan
Balance Romantics

The dates that you went on with them felt exhilarating. A year has passed after dating and wait, you gained a few pounds. Meeting the love of your life and finding time to balance your happiness and health can be challenging. While discussions around weight gain can be seen as negative, it can also be positive and mutually beneficial in the long run. 

FAMU student and Master of Business Administration candidate, Nahla Muhammad,  has been dating a senior Business Administration major at FAMU, Tyliek Clark for two years. This is a couple that exemplifies what it means to support each other in their health and wellness journey.

“We practice self-care on Sundays. We work out early in the morning,” Muhammad said. 

When couples commit to a healthy lifestyle, it often reflects shared values and priorities. This alignment can create a space of unity and purpose within the relationship. For this couple they have been working on this journey since the beginning of their relationship. 

“Practicing these health habits made us accountable and active,” said Muhammad.

Ackerman shared the same sentiments. 

“Holding each other accountable is so huge,” Ackerman said. 

Further, he shares that couples committing time specifically to nurture healthy habits is essential. 

Partner Health

The journey of healthy habits can evoke various emotions. Couples must communicate openly about their feelings. 

Tank Ackerman, a Marriage Therapist at Live the Life, explained that typically, in relationships, it’s harder to find a balance because of other significant priorities.

 “If you don’t have these habits in the beginning, it’s easy to get left behind if it’s not important to you,” Ackerman said.

While this may be true, he highlights that waking up early in the morning, speed walking, weight training, and healthy nutrition can improve your health and body. Ensuring your partner aligns with the goals that you have established is essential. Ensuring that they align with each person’s values and desires is important, but it’s important not to come off as controlling.

“Holding each other accountable is huge,”  Ackerman said.

Having goals at the start of the talk about a healthy lifestyle with your partner is imperative. Making sure that you both are staying committed to a  joint commitment allows space for accountability.

“This time is our time, and nothing is going to get in the way of that,” Ackerman said. 

A plan is the key to both wellness journeys. 

Ackerman shared that when making this plan, you must include the holidays and the summer for what you want to do.

Incorporating workouts into your health journeys, such as vertical bench presses, tricep kickbacks, and weight training, are good exercises for couples interested in working out together. To add to the romance, even just taking a 15-minute walk with your partner can also be one of the best experiences ever.


Furthermore, healthy eating habits are fundamental to sustaining one’s overall health and vitality. 

A balance in diet provides essential nutrients for both parties. For college students, practicing these habits helps ensure that they have the energy and the mind to excel academically. 

Sharing meals with your partner helps to provide a bonding experience that deepens the relationship. Preparing and enjoying nutritious meals together encourages healthy choices and provides opportunities for quality conversations and deep connection building. 

College students often grapple with academic pressures and the stresses of newfound independence, consuming a diet that supports their mental well-being can enhance their emotional resilience and interpersonal skills all while fostering healthier relationships.

Note that it is essential to respect your partner’s autonomy. You are allowing each other the freedom to pursue your individual goals. It’s critical to not rush your partner. Respect that you and your partner are different individuals with your own separate dreams and aspirations. Maintaining healthy weight or habits can be a journey that requires patience, understanding and teamwork. It’s about creating a loving and supportive environment where both partners can thrive. 

By nourishing your body in relationships it not only makes both individuals feel better about themselves but also builds meaningful connections. As they say “you are what you eat” and in college, what you eat can profoundly shape your relationships and overall college experience.

By fostering open communication and health-conscious practices and respecting your partner’s personal goals, couples following this advice typically gain a deeper connection. 

Always remember that love, wellness, and balance are attainable; however, you must go at this with empathy and shared commitment.