Fashion | February 6th, 2019

A New Boutique Opens on Railroad Square

By: A’nire Glenn
A New Boutique Opens on Railroad Square

Picture courtesy of A’Nire Glenn

“I just want it to be a creative space where people can come and find inspiration, as far as clothing. I want my boutique to be a vibe. A vibe with good people and nice pieces,” Stephanie Odokpa-Davis said.

The Lionhearted Boutique is a new business created by Odokpa-Davis. She is a December 2017 public relations graduate of FAMU.

“This was always something I’ve really wanted to do. This is the ultimate dream of mine. I’ve always been interested in fashion since I was a little girl,” Odokpa-Davis said.

In college, she was involved in fashion being a member of FACES Modeling Troupe and holding a position as fashion director. She also had a fashion blog.

Being committed to several organizations, Odokpa-Davis would always find her way to fashion.

“I was always fashion director and working with photoshoots,” she said.

The boutique owner said she established the location of her store first, then everything else aligned.

She had been anticipating obtaining a physical space since July 2018. The entrepreneur’s ambitions manifested quicker than she expected.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to work toward. I just didn’t think it would so soon,” she said.

The FAMU alum also has an abundance of support from her fellow rattlers.

“I’m here to support Stephanie with her new boutique, Lionhearted. She’s a very open-hearted and determined hard worker. When she sees a vision she definitely goes out for it,” Erica Tyler said.

Tyler is a graduating nursing student at FAMU and has been friends with the store owner for two years.

Another friend of Odokpa-Davis, Jessica BrownLee believed in her friends’ vision so much that she invested in it.

“I partnered up with Stephanie Davis with this project. And I want to point out, this is still her dream. I’m just the person who’s supporting her and assisting in making it happen,” BrownLee said. “She has a great fashion sense and not too many people know about it. A lot of people know about it but the world doesn’t know about it.”

BrownLee is the co-owner of The Lionhearted Boutique and has been best friends with Odokpa-Davis since college.

Odokpa-Davis insisted that she provides her customers with a great and memorable atmosphere.

“You come here, you find pieces and you find friends. You can sit and talk,” she said.

In the center of the boutique, there is a velvet blue couch where guest can sit and chat. Odokpa-Davis also added a coffee table.

Aside from the furniture accents, she emphasized the value of providing nice, quality pieces for plus sized women.

Her boutique debuted at railroad square for the first Friday of February at 3 pm.

The grand opening will be on March 2, 2019.


Courtesy of The Lionhearted Boutique Instagram page


Courtesy of The Lionhearted Boutique Instagram page