Campus Life | February 19th, 2024

Missed the Wild Wild Rattler Round Up? Saddle up to get all the details!

By: Hannah Kirby | Staff Writer
Missed the Wild Wild Rattler Round Up? Saddle up to get all the details!

Campaign season on any Historically Black College or University is exciting, but candidates continue to raise the bar on the “Highest of Seven Hills.” 

This campaign season has undoubtedly been one you will not forget, from a variety of great themes and a plethora of worthy candidates. 

To conclude the campaign season, before elections take place, the candidates showcase many different sets in the show. A pageant on an HBCU campus might be considered an award show. They brought the whole community out for a night of unforgettable humor, talents, and movement forever embedded in many minds. 

The show’s theme, Wild Wild Rattler Round Up, certainly excited the crowd, but not without the help of the lovely hostess of the night. 

Jayla Royal, a third-year public relations student, and Joshua Douglas, a second-year computer science student from Jacksonville, Florida, made it a night to remember. Before the show started, they ensured the audience knew this pageant would require high engagement and participation. 

“It was a different scene for me, but I had fun being able to participate and engage with not only the people on the stage but the people in the audience as well,” Royal said. “I have attended pageants in the past and enjoyed being in the audience, but it was even more fun being on the opposite side and being able to move the pageant along.”

Candidates saddled up to grace the stage for the start of the show. They began with a cute western dance piece, followed by their introductions. 

Introduction Order:

One candidate vying for Ms. Sophomore is RaeMarie Parks-Royal.

One candidate vying for Ms. Junior is Amber Whitt.

Two candidates are vying for Ms. Senior: Reanna “Annie” Desameau and Tamira Moore.

One candidate vying for King of Orange and Green is Isaiah Clayborn.

Three candidates are vying for Queen of Orange and Green, Kennedi Freeman and Tyler Wilkins. Although, Demi Howard was not in attendance. 

Three candidates vying for Mr. FAMU: Ronnie Burns II, Isaiah “Bleu” Lysse, and Omari Rasheed.

Four candidates are vying for Ms. FAMU: Anissa “Annie” Carby, Nevoy Shepherd, Kailyn “Jwett” Thompson, and Edwina Fleuridor.

 The Pageant

Following introductions, the show briefly paused to allow participants to prepare for the next scene. 

Most people dread long intermissions in pageants, but these intermissions were different. Audience members enjoyed each other’s company while singing and dancing to our generation’s most popular songs. 

The crowd engagement was ecstatic throughout the various intermissions, with mini performances from the FAMU Elite Dance Squad, Attack Dance Crew, and FACEs Modeling Troupe Inc. 

The audience was full of supporters, family members, administrators, and royalty. Royal Court members from 2023-2024 were spotted in the front row giving full-fledged attention and support to all candidates because they were in their shoes last year. 

Royal Court escort Lejuan Lewis, an avid pageant goer, certainly enjoyed this pageant. He has attended every single pageant this school year. 

“I really liked that the people in the pageant did their best, and they have a lot of school spirit, and that is what FAMU needs,” Lewis said. “It’s a one-night thing, but it takes months of preparation, and it is amazing to see all their hard work show on stage.”

The remainder of the pageant showed a FAMU Spirit scene where candidates rocked the best orange and green for all to see. A Talent portion showcased dance performances, beautiful song selections by a vocalist, spoken word poetry, a rap song, and an audience favorite, Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You,” played on the flute accompanied by piano and a saxophonist. 

Of course, the best was saved for last, formal wear for their final walks. All candidates showed up and showed out on the stage, giving the student body some difficult decisions. 

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