Love & Dating | February 14th, 2024

FAMU’s Finest ’24: YuKwon Toney

By: Ashton Johnson
FAMU’s Finest ’24: YuKwon Toney

As the world fills with hearts and turns shades of red and pink, fourth-year broadcast journalism student YuKwon Toney easily represents FAMU’s Finest. He works hard to live in every moment by getting the whole college experience, one opportunity at a time. Booked and busy is an understatement for this Leo man with a plan.

”I’m doing what I need to do to make sure I’m making a great future for myself and laying the foundation for my future kids to come here as well,” he said.

His dream of coming to FAMU came from his aunt and high school college and career counselor, who taught him more about HBCUs. He also enjoyed two campus tours because he could not get enough the first time.

“I toured twice, and that’s when I met a good bit of students in the J school program, and the vibes and food were great,” Toney said. “I said this is where I want to be. This is home.”

From there, he hit the hill running by joining multiple organizations, being the 2022-2023 King of Orange and Green and becoming highly active in the entertainment industry. Toney, being a content creator, uses his platform to get him rooms many can only dream of.

From hosting movie premiers to being flown out for being a Thurgood Marshall College Fund Yard Ambassador and Influencer, he balances school and social life more easily than some might think is required.

”I’m just charged with having a lot of responsibilities, and I know that I have to prioritize my schoolwork because ultimately, I’m trying to graduate,” he said. “I also prioritize my self-time, time to reflect with myself and making time for my friends.”

Though he studies broadcast journalism, the graduating senior is still deciding whether to continue in the entertainment field or go into politics and law. “The entertainment industry is really calling my name,” he said. ”I’m really trusting God and believing that he’ll order me in the right direction.”

While handling school and participating in organizations such as the President of the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International, J.W Hatchett Pre-Law Society and Progressive Black Men, Inc., you can find him listening to ”Made For Me” by Muni Long to get him in the spirit of the holiday of love.

With being active in many things, he thinks about the love life he wants to incorporate into his fast-paced lifestyle. He wants someone to not only make him happy and be supportive but also have things set up for themselves.

“I’m not one to settle for less; if I bring things to the table, you have to bring things too. And it’s not a who’s and what’s the table is always just 50/50.”

With this vision in his head, college relationships are possible despite what many students think about commitment. ”It takes a lot of maturity, growth and balancing to make sure it’s successful,” Toney said.

With his unwavering determination and steadfast commitment to his dreams, Toney embodies the true spirit of FAMU’s finest. As he looks to the future with hope and anticipation, Toney knows that the greatest love story of all is the one he writes for himself.