Campus Life | February 4th, 2024

The Return of Set Friday: Afro-Essence Theme Shines Bright at FAMU

By: Jewel Wells | Staff Writer
The Return of Set Friday: Afro-Essence Theme Shines Bright at FAMU

Set Friday, the greatly cherished event held weekly at Florida A&M University, is back, providing the opportunity for students to foster their connection with multiple talents, vendors and creative outlets for participation. 

FAMU is widely recognized for its vibrant community, creative essence and cultural celebration among students. Within campus life, students are often found collectively sharing ideas, talents and experiences within shared spaces. 

While Set Friday has been consistently present within the culture of FAMU, the experience is constantly evolving, now adding themes, such as last Friday’s theme, “Afro-Essence,” that add a unique touch to the widely enjoyed experience.

Back on the Set: “Afro-Essence”

The first Set Friday of this year took place on February 2, gathering a large community of students and creating a festive and culturally rooted atmosphere. 

The theme, “Afro-Essence,” emphasizes celebrating student culture while encouraging students to connect and participate in engaging activities. At the set, there were several opportunities to participate in entertainment, displaying fun competitions and connecting activities for students to join.


Vendor @tempofinds on Instagram at Set Friday || Photo Courtesy: Jewel Wells

Marketplace Harmony: Set Friday and the Local Businesses

Set Friday serves as a vibrant marketplace showcasing many vendors, allowing students to connect with local businesses and entrepreneurs. 

According to FAMU’s website, “SET market Fridays encourage students to interact with their campus community, take advantage of campus resources, and become active participants in university life.” 

These values were demonstrated during the first Set Friday of the year as students interacted with the community and the vendors. The inclusion of diverse vendors and local businesses present at Set Friday, elevates the student experience while encouraging cultural and creative expression.

While Set Friday is known to bring joy and connection to the FAMU student body, students have also expressed their desires for improvements within the event. 

Sophomore broadcast journalism student Jasmine Jefferson says the Set Friday experience and activities could be improved with a broader range of vendors representing future themes such as “Afro-Essence.”

“More games and interactive stuff,” Jefferson said. “So people can feel more included instead of just watching everything.” 

Though many students stated the event was enjoyable and brought community among the FAMU student body, those like junior psychology student Omari Rasheed presented future hopes of marketing improvements for the event. 

“Many students didn’t even know it was happening,” Rasheed said. “We need more engagement and publicity to get people to come out.” 

Considering Set Fridays plays such a large role in the FAMU campus experience, such changes are sure to improve the quality, turnout, and experience of “The Set.”


The Spring 2024 Set Friday Themes and Line-Up || Photo Courtesy: @famu_esua on Instagram

Cultivating Connections: The Future of Set Fridays’ Ongoing Legacy

Though some expressed room for evolvement, many students were still seen participating in the existing events, dancing collectively to music, and interacting once again at the Will Packer Amphitheater for the full Set experience. 

Set Fridays at FAMU stand as more than just a connecting event; they represent the deep culture, creative expression, and authentic connection that takes place at the university and will continuously evolve as a shining light for the students of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Students will return to the Set this Friday, February 9, for their next theme: “Soulful Serenade – Neo-Soul and R&B.”