Beauty | August 20th, 2020

5 Black Beauty and Fashion Brands on the Rise

By: Sierra Lyons
5 Black Beauty and Fashion Brands on the Rise

Whether it’s fashion influencers like Dapper Dan or trends like big hooped earrings and long acrylic nails, Black people recurrently set global fashion trends. Fashion trends that mainstream media once rejected now hails as the standard for beauty. Although the Black community is often overlooked for being the epicenter of these cutting-edge style choices, the notoriety of Black fashion and beauty brands increased significantly in the past several months. Here are five Black beauty and fashion brands you need in your life to step up your fashion game.



The New York based online store, created by, designer, Telfar Clemons, sells handbags and accessories. The brand caught everyone’s attention at once due to their simplistic yet vibrant shopping bags. The bags range from $150 to $257—considerably affordable for a designer bag. The variety of styles and colors paired with their famous logo gained an immense amount of popularity on social media in the past few months. The brand completely sold out of bags, not once but, twice. Keep an eye out on their website for when you can get your hands on one of these stylish handbags.



Anifa Mvuemba, a Congolese designer, founded Hanifa Clothing. Celebrities such as singer/dancer Ciara photographed themselves in this luxurious and feminine clothing brand. Hanifa caught the public’s eye in the wake of COVID-19 when designers were forced to get creative with their craft. In May, Mvuemba launched a fashion show with 3D models whose intriguing silhouettes made you wonder how you lived your life without the brand’s clothes. The layered pieces and intricate details will take anyone’s wardrobe to a new level. Although many pieces sold out quickly, this Black-owned brand has a full collection with many available styles.


Pyer Moss

Haitian-American designer, Kerby Jean-Raymond, founded the luxury fashion brand Pyer Moss. What began as a menswear brand now encompasses styles for both men and women. The pieces incorporate bold patterns and colors while also making political statements. Pyer Moss apparel can range anywhere from $125 to $1400, as they offer a wide variety of pieces. The brand also partnered with Reebok to create eccentric clothing and footwear. You may be spending a pretty penny on these pieces, but you will definitely stand out.


Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place gives a new definition to inclusive makeup. The brand, founded by Chichi Eburu about six years ago, came to the forefront with Afrocentrism leading the designs and colors. Juvia’s Place says they offer “the world’s most pigmented shades, inspired by the vibrancy of Africa.” The brand offers low prices for high-quality eyeshadows, foundations, lipsticks and more. The website even offers shade finder features to make picking out products easy for people of all skin tones. Their packaging pays homage to African queens and royalty with beautiful designs and characters. You can find this lively brand at Ulta, or you can shop directly from their website.


Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls celebrates curls and educates its customers on how to obtain healthy and beautiful hair. The brand’s founder, Lulu Cordero, suffered from traction alopecia before she tapped into her Dominican roots to create her products. Inspired by generations of secrets from the Dominican women in her life, Cordero created the brand’s nourishing oils and products. Bomba Curls also carries an oil and hair mask that focuses on the needs of type three and four hair. In addition, the products do not contain any harsh parabens or mysterious ingredients—the best part. If you’ve been in search of hair products that make your curls pop, look no further.