Fashion | September 1st, 2020

4 Tips For Jean Shopping as a Tall Girl

By: Tiara Williams
4 Tips For Jean Shopping as a Tall Girl

In this edition of #StylingWithJourney, our fashion associate Tiara Williams gives us the dish on shopping for denim bottoms as a tall woman.

It is safe to say that as a woman, every body figure and physique comes with its drawbacks, especially when shopping for clothing. As a young woman with a tall and slender frame, finding jeans with a perfect fit usually ends with a purposeful purchase of high waters. 

Shifting through racks often gives me anxiety and aids my indecisiveness, hence why most of my shopping occurs online. When shopping for jeans online this conflict makes the online shopping experience displeasing.

My jean horror story usually begins with my admiration for a pair of jeans and splurging on them. Then, there is the intense anticipation of waiting a week or two for the package — by the time it gets dropped off at my door I almost instantly rip the box open. My excitement is quickly met with disappointment after I try on the jeans. They either fit flawlessly at the waist while my ankles are reminiscent of bell-bottoms or loosely on the hips and fall perfectly at the ankles.

It is very rare that I find a pair of jeans that cater to my figure, but on the bright side, this challenge has presented me with many tips and tricks to face the dilemma head-on. If you are a tall woman and are in dire need of help finding the right jeans, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Stray Away From Overseas Companies

Shopping for jeans online using U.S. sizing as a tall woman is a challenge within itself, but shopping for jeans using the sizing from other countries is an even bigger challenge. Oftentimes, conversion charts are inaccurate and misleading. When you receive the clothing there is a greater chance it will not fit and returning the item is a hassle. To prevent this occurrence refrain from shopping for jeans from overseas companies.

2. Go For Tall & Long Jeans

Many Online stores such as Boohoo, Old Navy, and ASOS have a wide collection of tall jeans specifically for women like us. These collections include low rise, high waisted, bootcut, flared, boyfriend and mom jeans. When shopping online check to see if the store has a collection of jeans for tall women.

3. Find Jeans That Suit Your Figure

Just as colors such as black can provide your body with a slimming illusion, different styles of jeans can flatter your height as well. For instance, bell-bottom jeans look incredible on tall women because long legs can carry and balance out the volume of the pants. When you’ve determined what style of jeans flatter and fit your body, it is easier to assure that when shopping online your jeans will fit exactly how you want them to.

4. Stick to a Trusting Store

When purchasing jeans online the most significant piece of advice you can take is to stick to what you know. When you’ve found reliable yet stylish sites to purchase your jeans from, continue to shop there. Fashion Nova and Boohoo are perfect sites to shop for jeans because they have jeans that cater height and physique, but are also up to date with the latest fashion.

Being tall is not a punishment and there are many ways to work around dilemmas when shopping for jeans online. Hopefully, these tips will assist all of the tall and slender fashionistas who love online shopping as much as everyone else.