Lifestyle | May 4th, 2020

4 Journey-Approved Tips on Spring Cleaning During COVID-19

By: Jaelen Patrick
4 Journey-Approved Tips on Spring Cleaning During COVID-19

Although it might not feel like it, it’s springtime, and with the season comes spring cleaning. Due to the current circumstances that COVID-19 has brought upon us, the world seems to have come to a halt, but this doesn’t mean our seasonal habits have to as well. This time, more than any time, is the best to begin the annual process of spring cleaning, being that we are all stuck in the house. Here are four tips on what to “clean” this spring during these hard times. 

No School, No Problem

To begin, let’s start off by cleaning our minds. We all may miss campus and seeing our friends but on the bright side, we can now take a break from reality and relieve our minds from the stress that our school environment may have brought us. On campus, there was constantly something going on whether it be out on the quad or in the Grand Ballroom. The hard decision of whether to do our work or join our friends out on the set constantly lingered in the back of our mind. Now that we are all stuck at home, being that campuses across the nation are shut down, we are no longer experiencing FOMO — the fear of missing out. 

We can now relax and finish our last few assignments of the semester with little distraction from our eventful campus lives. Being stuck at home also gives us more time to ourselves to clear our minds from all of the underlying stress that school gave us. 

Bye Bye Unhealthy Habits

Sometimes, your house isn’t the only thing that needs a good cleaning every now and then. Your body does too. 

While on campus, we may have developed some unhealthy habits that are no good for our bodies. Whether that was eating fast food every day in a rush to get to class on time, or skipping the gym to hang out with your friends, it is time to drop these unhealthy habits. 

During this pandemic, try cleansing your body by adopting healthier habits. This could mean taking the time out to exercise, eating healthier foods, portioning your foods, or even simply including more water into your diet. Whatever these healthier habits look like to you, try implementing them into your daily schedule and move on step closer to the healthiest version of you.

Mental Health Check

Not only can you clean your house during spring cleaning, but you can also clean up your mental health. Cleaning up your mental health can be done by simply checking in on yourself. More than ever, now is the perfect time to weigh in and give yourself a little “mental health check.” Every day try making it a routine to yourself to ask yourself “How am I feeling today?,” “How do I feel about myself?,” or even, “What is it that truly makes me happy?.” Asking yourself these questions daily is a good way to make sure your mental state is where it needs to be. If you find yourself not liking your answers to these questions or not able to answer them at all, take this time to find them. 

You Can Actually Clean, You Know

Okay, now that the renewal of our mind, body, and health are underway, it is time to actually clean the house.

For a more literal approach to spring cleaning, try cleaning up around the house. Whether you are currently in your apartment near campus or back at home with your parents, a little cleaning never hurts. Take this time to clean out your room, closet, and so much more. Sort through your clothes that you left at home and figure out which clothes you want to keep, donate, or throw out. Consider shuffling through your room and tossing all of those knick-knacks you have conjured up throughout the years. And if your humble abode also doubled as the “hotspot” or the “party house,” it is time for you, especially, to get to cleaning. A good, thorough cleaning of your home is always something that is much needed. 

Whether it be cleaning your mind, body, health, or just your house, participating in spring cleaning will do nothing, but benefit you in the end. Spring cleaning should not have to be placed on the back burner because the coronavirus is running its course. Look at this opportunity as your new beginning and get to cleaning.