Arts | February 12th, 2024

2024 Grammys Recap

By: Tatyanna McCray | Staff Writer
2024 Grammys Recap

On February 4, 2024, one of the most anticipated awards shows of the year, the 66th annual Grammys took place in Santa Monica, CA. Over the years, the Grammys have attracted controversy and praise alike because of fashion choices, interview Q&As, and Grammy winners. This year, bad weather threatened to rain on the attendees’ parade, but the show continued.

Clive Davis threw a pre-Grammys party, with many celebrities, and influencers in attendance mingling and preparing for the main event. Viewers worldwide watched, sharing their thoughts and opinions on the performances, attire and speculating on what followed for the 2024 Grammys. Most viewers watch for the award portion of the show but in recent years award shows have become a source of entertainment for social media as commentary and reenactments are done on performances, outfits and memes are created.

Firstyear supply chain management major Daniyah Curry revealed “I’m looking forward to the fashion, and potentially funny interviews,” said Curry.

The highly anticipated performances are another goldmine for viewers as they can enjoy their favorite artists. This year SZA’s performance, along with Tina Turner’s tribute were mentioned often, with eagerness to see the magic unfold before their very eyes. Sophomore and Business Administration major Elisabeth Etienne shared that the part of the show she was most excited for was to see Beyonce and Coco Jones.

“I’m looking forward to Beyonce’s performance and tribute and Tina Turner, and I hope Coco Jones wins for best performance,” said Etienne.

What’s going on?

This year, the Grammys did not have a theme for dress attire, which left many people puzzled as fashion is one of the main attractions. Viewers didn’t bother to hold back with their observations but were much nicer in their choice of words in retrospect to the late Joan Rivers, who was notorious for her Commentary.

Some of the fans’ favorite fashion moments varied, as many were unsure how to interpret the fashion looks presented. Outfits were adored and loathed in their usual form. Viewers became confused over time as guests arrived and seemed to all be dressed for different occasions, in various colors, patterns and accessories.

Emergence of new faces

“Who is that?” “Who are these people?” asked watchers as they attempted to identify popular social media personalities and other smaller-list celebrities.

As the show began, the first scandal of the night broke when it was mistakenly announced that rappers Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice had won a Grammy for best rap song. Despite the mistake being corrected, social media went up in a blaze, sparking several arguments and debates that would be the first of many. Rapper Killer Mike was revealed to have won best rap song and other categories, taking home three Grammys. In contrast, celebrations for Killer Mike were short-lived as he was arrested during the award show, adding another layer of scandal.

Winner takes home the trophy

Junior and Criminal justice major Tytiana Pugh shared her excitement about Victoria Monet’s Grammy nominations. Pugh shared “I feel like Victoria Monet will probably win record of the year.”

Victoria Monet did indeed leave the 2024 Grammys a three-time Grammy winner. Other artists such as J.Cole, Lil Durk, SZA, Coco Jones, and Tyla took home Grammys with applause from fans commemorating their much-deserved success. However, the anticipation surrounding the winner of Album of the year upset many as singer-songwriter Taylor Swift took home the Grammy for the AOTY category for the fourth time in a row. The revelation upset many as they feel the voting is rigged and cheats other artist out of the title and recognition who are also worthy of the highly acclaimed honor.

Swift set a new Grammys record but has been receiving nonstop backlash from critics at numerous publications and music lovers alike. In addition to this, performances of the night received mixed reviews as there was confusion surrounding who would perform during the late Tina Turner’s tribute, and artists sounding less than appealing or lacking stage presence.

Graduating psychology major Jaquaris Williams shared his excitement for the Tina Turner tribute. Declaring “I look forward to Beyonce’s performance and tribute to Tina Turner and I hope Coco Jones wins for best R&B performance.”

Performances featured throughout the night included Miley Cyrus, which some suspect was a mini homage to the late Tina Turner due to her attire, hairstyle, and dance moves. While singer Fantasia performed during the actual Tina Turner tribute and received immense praise, Singer and songwriter Stevie Wonder also performed, along with SZA, Travis Scott, Trac Chapman, Burna Boy featuring Brandy also accompanied by 21 Savage and Billie Eilish to name a few.

Uncomfortable Truths

Rap star Jay Z received the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award and delivered a speech that shook the room and touched the hearts of others. During his speech, HOV highlighted many artists who saw great heights of success but never received the proper recognition from the Grammys to have the opportunity to win AOTY, such as the now-deceased DMX, who was a four-time Grammy winner. This was followed by the mention of his wife, Beyonce, who broke the record of winning the most Grammys, having won 29, but somehow never receiving Album of the year.The trajectory of his speech seemed odd to some, but many still followed as key points were made.

The Grammys were also criticized as Victoria Monet was drowned out by music during her acceptance speech, further driving home the argument that black talent is praised but hardly ever properly recognized and rewarded. It was also alleged that influencers were invited to boost ratings as the demographics of viewers had changed and the goal was to increase the number of viewers. Overall, the 2024 Grammys left much to be desired for some and thoroughly entertained others, what category do you fall into?