Tree pollen season brings severe allergies

By| Daria Laycock An early dusting of pollen is causing allergies to flare in the North Florida area. Oak trees in conjunction with an unseasonably warm February triggered the the event. Heavy wind, like that from the nor’easter traveling the country’s east coast, exasperate allergies as the gusts allow pollen to travel more easily according […]

Talethia Edwards is the hero Bond needs

By| Daria Laycock Talethia Edwards has been called to service, that is why she feels the need to clean up the Bond neighborhood. As president of the Greater Bond Neighborhood Association, she is attempting to do just that. She does so through community involvement. In addition to being the Greater Bond Neighborhood Association president Edwards […]

47th student senate: recognizes domestic violence

Words by Aliyah Glover The Senate chambers were decorated Purple and white this week in support of Domestic Violence Awareness. There was food and drinks for the gallery to enjoy. Most of the senators had on a purple ribbon which signifies awareness for domestic violence.   When people think of domestic abuse, they often focus […]

The Board of County Commissioners Discuss Current Opioid Epidemic

By: Nichelle Cobb The Board of County Commissioners held their regular Public Meeting on Tuesday February 28th. The informational meeting included an agenda full of future plans and recommendations for the city of Tallahassee. Specifically, item 12 was pulled from the agenda to discuss the Consideration to Institute Litigation Regarding Opioid Epidemic This item was […]

Parkland victims vigil at the capital

By| Giselle Thomas The Florida Parent Teacher Association held a candlelight vigil at the Centre of Tallahassee for the 17 students and staff who were murdered in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The mass shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, is known as one of the world’s deadliest school massacres. Parents, family, and […]

Neighborhood Public Safety Initiative – A Public Service Collective

By| Lauren Coleman The Neighborhood Public Safety Initiative started to protect and serve the people within specific neighborhoods. The NPSI started in the Summer of 2017 because of inadequate policing methods. The beginning stages for the NPSI started with a walk-through of this Frenchtown, Griffin and Bond communities to see what exactly needed to be […]