The Importance of Mental Health

By| Lauren Coleman What is mental health and why is it a taboo? According to, Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It also helps determine how we handle stress and make choices. Mental health has an impact on areas of our body that you would not think of as feeling physical […]

FAMU’S Career Center Strives for Excellence

By| Chambria Gordon The Florida A&M University Career and Professional Development Center has your back. They are a team of dedicated professionals with the goal of assisting FAMU students in their career development. Moreover, they provide career counseling that will prepare and provide opportunities for students to pursue meaningful careers in a variety of professional fields […]

Senate elects new positions and talks about future events

By| Monica Myrick The board of the Student Government Association held its weekly meeting yesterday evening in the student chambers to discuss upcoming events and to appoint new senate positions. Laid out were refreshments for faculty and students to enjoy. Student senators discussed a future women’s empowerment week that will take place from March 19th […]

Metz launches new rattler to-go app

By| Ki-Jana King Florida A&M’s prime dining service provider, Metz, has announced a new app that allows students and faculty to order food on-the-go and avoid long waits. The Rattler To-Go app, which launched in February, was designed specifically with students in mind. In a survey, taken last year, students expressed how the wait time […]

47th student senate: recognizes domestic violence

Words by Aliyah Glover The Senate chambers were decorated Purple and white this week in support of Domestic Violence Awareness. There was food and drinks for the gallery to enjoy. Most of the senators had on a purple ribbon which signifies awareness for domestic violence.   When people think of domestic abuse, they often focus […]

Discovery and Innovation on the horizon

By| Ricardo Brown The 9th annual Discovery On Parade was hosted at the Augustus B. Turnbull III Florida State’s Conference Center. This community event will provide a unique preview of new and exciting Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), Florida State University (FSU) and Tallahassee Community College (TCC) inventions, discoveries, and innovations making their way […]

A Weary Student Takes Over Campus

By| Chambria Gordon A new document has surfaced around Florida A&M University’s campus, and it is not your ordinary letter. The letter titled, “WE PAY TO HAVE A SAY” is an unformal, unapologetic letter that has remained anonymous since last week Thursday. The byline reads weary student and it only begins there. The weary student […]

Harambee in Review

By| Aliyah Glover Students and the community are raving about the Harambee Festival this past weekend. FAMU and the Office of Communications held their annual Harambee Festival February 24, 2018 from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM at Tallahassee Cascades Park. “It’s exciting I’m visiting all of the of the vendors, eating the food because I’m […]