By | Javon Cohen The hit Netflix series “Seven Seconds” is a show so intent on producing drama, that it often overlooks the message behind the heavy scenes of loss, grief, and pain. Whether it’s overly engrossed on the squad of dishonored cops who are objectively bad men in their own way, or too profound […]


By| Javon Cohen   Presented by Florida A&M University Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery and the Artist in Bloom Festival featured an Exhibition of Wood Carvings by a fifth-generation wood carver, LaVon Van Williams Jr. The exhibit features many of Williams’ stained reliefs and figures carved out of wood that captures church-going men and women, jazz […]

Polo’s Refuge Gives Hope to Dogs Forgotten

By| Chelsey Brown Polo’s Refuge, a senior retirement home for Shih Tzu’s is a sanctuary for senior dogs that each come from different walks in life. President and Founder of Crossroads Shih Tzu Rescue and Polo’s Refuge, Leann Lund started this venture after her experience with animal rescue shelters that only catered to the “cute […]

Gender Fluidity: Breaking Barriers?

By| Javon Cohen   Gender Fluidity got its first wake up call when it was introduced in fashion industry that caused a shift toward a gender-fluid society. But how does this conception trickle down to becoming the norm on a college campus and its influences on how people chooses to dress. Is Gender fluidity something that […]

To Serve and Protect

By| Destiny McIntosh   Most of the time when we hear the words “to serve and protect” we automatically think of people in the military who are serving their country. We also think of people risking their lives to keep their families, loved ones and country safe. But, now it seems as if local high […]

More than Just a Step Show

By| Lauren Coleman   Ballinger Productions and Entertainment is a three-year production company that is known for “The Stompdown.” BPE puts together other events such as stage plays, acting events, film festivals and other events. The founder of BPE, Djuan Ballinger, has been event planning for over 10 years but officially put together his company […]

Robbin’ Season Commences: Season 2 of Atlanta Is Off To An Interesting Start

By| Simone Williams Donald Glover’s FX series “Atlanta” returned for its second season this past Thursday. According to “Atlanta” producer and writer Stefani Robinson, viewers have a lot more to look forward to this season. Robinson told CNN, “I think we sort of upped the ante this season…expect a little more craziness.” This first episode […]

Mayor Gillum Targets Millennials: A Rising Force in Florida

By| Thaddaeus Watkins The millennial generation is the largest age group to emerge since the baby boomer generation, and as studies shows in Florida, 18-to-34 year-olds, are the largest population group. According to the census bureau, the number of Floridians aged 18-34 currently outnumber those over age 65. Millennials have very different expectations through government, […]