Gas prices on the rise

By| Brianna Hicks Compared to this time last year, drivers have noticed the change in gas prices and are wondering why. Reported by GasBuddy, around this time two years ago, Florida drivers were paying on average $1.83/gallon. Jump to 2018 and drivers are paying $2.54/gallon, which is almost a 39 percent increase- in just two […]

Tree pollen season brings severe allergies

By| Daria Laycock An early dusting of pollen is causing allergies to flare in the North Florida area. Oak trees in conjunction with an unseasonably warm February triggered the the event. Heavy wind, like that from the nor’easter traveling the country’s east coast, exasperate allergies as the gusts allow pollen to travel more easily according […]

Are Tallahassee New Developments Unequal?

By| Eboni Walker   There are not too many places you can go in Tallahassee without seeing some sort of construction site or “coming soon” sign. Florida’s capital has more than 100 new development projects currently in the works. This construction has been dominating the popular streets of Tallahassee for the past year with entities […]

The Never Again Movement continues to Evolve

By| Eboni Walker #NeverAgain was created by victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSDHS) in Parkland where a teen by the name of Nikolas Cruz fired gunshots at old schoolmates and teachers, killing 17 in total. According to officials, a student by the name of Cameron Kasky, invited friends over after a candlelight […]

Solar Power Options in Tallahassee

By| Destiny McIntosh   Going green and reducing your carbon footprint one step at a time. The City of Tallahassee is now offering solar power for local residents. The city of Tallahassee is now offering greener friendly ways to help you and your family reduce your carbon trail. How it works, customers will receive all of […]

She Nailed it

By| Destiny McIntosh   From the sunny south to the capital city, this young entrepreneur is creating a lane of her own and demolishing the industry along the way. Sydnee Freeman, 22, was like any normal college student. She loved the glitz and glam that came along with college life. After realizing her own talents and […]

Lets Tap into Some Water

By| Lyric Mattair   Water is one of the best solution to any problem. Want clearer skin, want more energy, drink water! There are things you probably thought water wouldn’t do to your body; and that’s fine, I’m here to help you get a little more in depth into the benefits of water. The most […]