Governor Rick Scott backing new gun laws?

By| Eboni Walker Governor Rick Scott has been a longtime supporter of the N.R.A for many years. Records show that in the previous year’s Governor Scott has been in office, he has been against stricter background checks when purchasing a gun and for lowering the cost to get a concealed weapon license. Non-surprisingly, the N.R.A […]

Big Plans from SGA Executive Branch

By| Aliyah Glover   Do you feel the presence of student government? Newly appointed Vice President Da’juh Sawyer wants the student body to become familiar with who their representatives are in SGA. In her first meeting since having the position Sawyer along with Chief of Staff, Denver Smith led a very strong meeting. “We are […]

City and County Commissioners Speak at Town Hall

By| Aliyah Glover The Village Square held their 6th annual Town Hall meeting, at Florida State’s WFSU, sponsored by Bible Based Church and AARP Tallahassee. A panel of eight; filled with elected officials were able to come out and speak with the community. There were three city commissioners and five county commissioners. The meeting began […]


By| Aliyah Glover     Student Government Association held a senate meeting which was packed with students earlier this week. There were people standing along the walls in attendance. “I feel that Monday’s meeting was a success, because it is SGA week and we wanted to be transparent with the student body. We had food […]

Confirmations & Unfinished Business

By|Aliyah Glover Student Government Association held a senate meeting this week where some confirmations were held. The 47th student senate started tonight’s session just as any other. Call to order, Moment of Dedication, Alma Mater/Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call/Verification of Quorum. The senate meeting consisted of the placement of the university’s SGA vice president […]

Awards and Presentations Board of County Commissioners Discussions Plans for Future Development

By| Nichelle Cobb The Board of County Commissioners had their public meeting on Tuesday February 13th. This meeting consisted of awards, presentations, and discussions for future development and plans for the city of Tallahassee. Commissioner Bill Proctor began with recognizing the work of local Author Roosevelt Wilson, who was also a former publisher of Capital […]

Rattlers stance on 2019 USDA Food Package Proposal

Rattlers stance on 2019 USDA Food Package Proposal By|Ke’Neesha Weaver Donald Trump and his administration wants to cut out food stamp assistance and instead give lower income families food boxes every month. Trump administration would be sending a box of canned goods that has likened to like Blue Apron, a high-end meal kit service. The […]

New Business: 47th Student Senate

By| Aliyah Glover The senate was called to order at 6:14pm. They began by singing FAMU’s Alma mater and reciting the pledge of allegiance. There was a dedication to fallen student Brodric James followed by a moment of silence. “I’m so happy that they have this on the agenda every week to pay homage to […]

Library Advisory Board met to discuss new additions

By| Brianna Harmon On Tuesday, the LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library Advisory Board met for it’s weekly meeting updating the community on what is coming up, and held a new member orientation. The meeting was called at 10 a.m. by chairwoman Carole Fiore who began with the induction of the new member orientation. New […]