The Sweet Life: Diving into the World of Sugar Babies

Words By: Celeste Stephens *Names have been changed to protect identity. People crave the finer things in life: exotic trips, expensive restaurants, fancy cars, and designer clothes, all while hoping their part-time job money and financial aid refund check could provide. Between working night after night and chasing a degree that’s costing more money than […]

Not Just a March, but a Movement

Words by: Nallah Brown It’s not just a march, it’s a movement. The birth of The Women’s March on Washington began after Teresa Shook, a retired attorney in Hawaii, wanted to share her outrage with others just one night after President Donald Trump was elected. Shook immediately felt compelled to voice her concerns toward women’s […]

#NOBAN: Black Muslim Students at FAMU on Life under the Trump Administration & the Relationships with Non-Muslims on Campus

By: Angelique Fullwood On the same day Donald Trump came to Tallahassee for a presidential election rally at the Tallahassee Car Museum, first year civil engineering student Abdul Razak Brimah left the Café while wearing his Muslim Student Association shirt. While he was walking up a stair case, another FAMU student stopped and asked him […]

Loving a Country That Does Not Love You

Words by: Treasure Glover Although the United States is said to be “founded in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare,” the current state of our country fails to mirror these words. Currently, citizens use almost half of their income to […]

Too Close for Comfort: Is Dating Your Professor Too Much?

Words by: Nyasha Baly Standing at the lectern, that Ralph Lauren cuffed polo never fit so well tucked into a pair of khakis. It feels like butterflies are wallowing through my stomach. Maybe feelings are developing. They’re always on time, very organized, smart and certified. They’re classy with apparel and mean with oration. Dating a […]

The Grammy Guide: A Closer Look At Four Grammy Nominated R&B Artists

Words by: Nathan Vinson Although the year of 2016 was riddled with heightened racial tensions, devastating celebrity deaths, and unprecedented presidential antics, the music industry easily became the beacon of light needed to make it through. Last year, we saw pop mainstays like Drake and Rihanna put out their biggest and arguably best albums to […]

Love & Lyrics: A Valentine’s Day Playlist

For Journey’s 2017 Love & Relationship issue, Online Editor Nathan Vinson (@TheGreatIsNate) has curated just the right mix of tunes for you. Whether you’re feeling like love in the 90s or asking your bae to drop their location so you can come through, there’s a song on this playlist for everyone. Check out our Spotify […]